Wednesday, June 8, 2011


June is bustin' out all over!


This week, beating the heat takes top priority... I'm just dangling my feet in the water of a kiddie pool, sunning tea on the deck and watching roses pop out all over our backyard bush.  The kids get dressed each day in bathing suits and are alternately soaking wet or filthy dirty.  Jonah must be the tastiest in the bunch, covered from head to toe as he is in mosquito bites.  Dinners consist of whatever I can pull together without cooking anything - tonight that meant popcorn, slices of cheese and apples.  Popsicles have become a grocery staple surpassing even milk in importance.  I think I have chugged more water in the past 48 hours than in the first 8 months of pregnancy.

We are in survival mode, its true.  And while I am anxious for our newest addition to join us, I'd be fine with him waiting until this heat wave breaks...

This is us, summering.

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  1. Lyd, you even do 'survival mode' well! I hope you guys get some relief from this heat soon...sounds brutal! <3 to you all!

  2. D looks more and more like you every day! It's not summer here yet. Although we had 80s a few weeks ago for about two weeks now it's been 60s+ in the mornings, 70+ afternoons and even down to 50s at night. Crazy southern California.

  3. Anna - that sounds like my ideal summer! Think this heat wave is a fluke, usually we don't get these temps until late July/early August. Hoping to return to the 70's soon!

  4. Oh my goodness...that is SO us...dinner w/out cooking. My fave is "lunchables"...our version w/crackers (butter or grahams...whatever is on hand) w/PB or cheese & deli meat and whatever fruit we have available. I'm sure my kids will covet the real lunchables at the store someday but with six kiddos this is my go-to-don't-have-time-forgot-to-thaw-the-meat lunch or dinner!


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