Thursday, June 9, 2011

For the Love Of Iced Tea

During our recent heatwave, I found I simply could not bring myself to brew coffee.  The thought alone of drinking a hot beverage had me melting.  I made iced coffee a few times and, while it was delicious, even the heaviness of drinking milk/cream was a little too much for those steamy days.  Still, this Mama needs a little kick of caffeine to get going in the morning (within reason, of course).  Enter iced tea.

My Mother never really drank iced tea, but I remember my Aunt always having a jar or two out sunning on the porch during the dog days of summer.  With that image in mind, I concocted my own little recipe.  I tried it out this morning, and it really hit the spot!  I hope you enjoy it!

In a 1 pint mason jar, put 6 regular sized tea bags and fill with water.   I used regular Lipton black tea here, but I assume you can use any kind you like. Screw the lid on tight and take out to a sunny spot (my deck was perfect for this).  Let steep for a long time - mine steeped for about 20 hours (yes, over night!).

Pour concentrated tea into a tall pitcher.  Add sweetener as desired (my husband loves sweet tea, a testament to his southern upbringing!), mix until completely dissolved and then fill pitcher completely with cold water.  Add a splash of reconstituted lemon juice or a few wedges of real lemon, if you have them laying around.  Pour over ice and enjoy!!

{This makes a pretty strong iced tea.  To make it a bit weaker, add only half your concentrated tea to water in the pitcher.}

Now go grab a good book and dip your toes in the kiddie pool.  Feels pretty nice, doesn't it?

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  1. I had sweet tea in my bottle as a young tot! LOL We didn't have kool aid or other drinks. Our choices were water, tea, and milk (which was fresh from the cow:)

  2. That looks so refreshing...and way cheaper than the Timmy's Ice Capp (Canadian thing) I have been craving - and that is also probably loaded with calories. Gonna try this......thanks!

  3. If you want a sweet 'good tea'... constant comment is good and Good Earth tea is wonderful.(original)


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