Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Baby Yet

Forgive this space for being a bit quiet these days...{no baby yet}, yet I've still been struggling to find words to say.  Our family is in the middle of some full scale adjustment, several different aspects all culminating in one big change that is taking me a while to adjust to.  And in typical, 9 month pregnant style, hormones are playing their part in me second guessing every step, every moment, every issue.  Still, trying my best to adapt and enjoy this time, the last little bit of our family of 6, even as I pack my oldest for camp (leaving Tuesday!), struggle with a toddler who can climb out of his bed and resist bedtime (1030 pm last night!) and try my best to get on board with my husband's crazy shift hours.  Its all fine, just a bit to get used to.

Tomorrow there will be a post over at Frugal Granola.  So for today, I'm sharing a list of links that have been speaking to me lately.

I love Molly Balint.  These words rung so true for me.

I didn't read the rest of the post, but the list is one that I wouldn't mind posting somewhere here in the house...

This week, I've been reading this book.  And despite its lackluster title, I've finding it spellbinding...

In keeping with my current dessert fetish, I want to make one of these this week.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. oh that list is a great one! Thanks for posting it.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying the book!

  3. that book is great, but her next one is even better. The Distant Hours. :)

  4. Just posting a comment to say, Hi. I am here and reading. Thank you for posting even when there is nothing exciting to post about. Let's me know that not everyone is having a glamorous, exciting life that I am missing out on while at home with my two young lads. Blessing on you and your upcoming adventure in which you parent 5 souls. PS The list is great and getting ready to be hung on my fridge. Thanks!

  5. Hi Gloria! Thank YOU for saying hello!! Nothing glamorous going on here, just a lot of daily-ness. I always wonder if people want to read when there is nothing going on. Glad to meet you!

    Tatiana - thanks for letting me know! I'll have to hunt it down. I love mysterious novels!

  6. I made a trifle for my birthday one year and it was easy and AMAZING! Yum! I feel like our family is all about adjusting. Things change around here sometimes DRASTICALLY possibly month to month or year to year. Every time we get settled something else comes up. But man once you adjust and accomplish something together it's such a special strengthening and family bonding experience. Good luck you guys!


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