Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Skein Wonder

I bought a few "bare" skeins in a Purewool co op a few months bath, thinking I'd give dyeing a try. So I did...and wasn't so in love with the results, so this poor little skein found itself buried in the stash under more appreciated colorways.  Not until my manic prenatal knitting reached fever pitch did I dig down deep enough and happen to brush my fingers across its long neglected strands. 

Mmmm, Purewool.  My favorite for baby knits, this stuff is so incredibly soft its hard to believe it once resided on a wooly little animal.  I pulled it out and reassessed...the color wasn't SO bad...a little bright for me, but on something tiny it may be alright.

I cast on for booties first, in my favorite bootie pattern.  Adorable.

There was yarn left over, so I made a small soaker to match.

Still yarn left over?  Was this a neverending skein of wonder?  It seems so, because even after knitting a vintage styled baby bonnet, I still have a small ball left - added to the pile of small scraps to be used for something scrappy later on.

One skein.  What a wonder!  3 month size baby booties, a small soaker and 3 month cap.

Now if only someone would show up to model them for us *ahem*.

What are you working on?

{I've been thinking of doing a "your yarn, my needles" giveaway...wondering if there would be any interest?  I would love to do some knitting for you!}

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  1. Oh the tiny-ness of it all. Love!

  2. so sweet! I love knitting too!

  3. I love it all!. And I like the color too. Super cute!

  4. How cute! Thanks for showing us!


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