Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Rush

Initially, I wasn't too sure about having a baby mid-summer. I thought it would be too hot, that I would be too tired and overwhelmed, that everything would be too stickily humid.  Instead, I'm finding it so refreshing that there is absolutely no rush for us to "get back into it."  No stress about trying to re-start school after a baby mid-semester.  Everything we do these days is elective; nothing required, nothing mandatory.  I am enjoying it so much!

I am finding it helpful to have a plan for each day - nothing big or important, but just something to help us savor this summer.  It may be as simple as spending the morning in the yard, pulling weeds and watering.  It may be as fun as heading to a small inland lake nearby, or heading to the blueberry farm in search of indigo treasure.  We signed the oldest up for swimming lessons for the next two weeks, so that in and of itself is something fun for him to look forward to and enjoy.

And me, I'm feeling no rush in enjoying this little person -  in the dead of night while the rest of the world sleeps, or in between garden beds while his Mama weeds.  I have nothing more pressing than to meet his needs instantly, spending as long as is required.  It is truly so relaxing to babymoon this way.

The house is a shambles and the laundry piling up, but I don't see it - I'm star gazing instead.

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  1. so true...never hurry, never worry someone used to say to me. my last baby arrived 3 days before Halloween! right in the midst of crazy school days, costume and treats shopping.....and I got home from the hospital (with C section) on Halloween afternoon. It was a stressful start to say the least!
    So glad you are having time to enjoy, and star gaze!

  2. This made me smile. Enjoy.


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