Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Things Heat Up

This week we have been hit with super hot and humid weather.  As a result, once again my poor garden is being neglected as I can hardly bear to be outside for more than a few moments.  We are coping as best we can, trying to keep the house cool and spending the majority of the time inside.  Its interesting to me how extreme weather, even on opposite ends of the spectrum, can yield the same results.  In extreme cold and extreme heat, we close all the windows.  We try to insulate.  We do our best to keep doors shut.  And we are back to spending our days in these two little rooms.

All this during what is supposed to be a "babymoon" for me.  All this with a toddler who has suddenly become strong-willed. All this and husband called in to work extra this week.  All this.

When things heat up, it can be hard for me to remember that this is my job.  A little person throwing epic tantrums, alternately hitting and running and screaming and tormenting siblings.  That's my job.  Its why I've decided to stay at home during this point of my life.  I don't stay simply to clean house, or cook dinner, or pursue my own interests.  The number one reason I stay home is to raise these kids.  That is supposed to be my full-time job.

So we've had to make some adjustments, things that feel in some ways like a few steps backwards.  Due to him simply refusing to stay in his bed, we have moved an air mattress into our room for him to sleep on.  It is the only way that I can get any sleep.  It works for right now.  I am doing my best to keep a cool head and respond to his needs and outbursts in well thought out ways, pouring on the love and understanding while trying to teach him what is acceptable and what is not.  Its not easy, certainly not as easy as turning on the TV and walking away.  But its my job.  Even in 100 degrees, with a brand new baby strapped to my chest, its my job.

And you know what?  I'm thankful.  Because when I help them to grow and mature, I am also growing and maturing and learning so much.  Not just about them, but about me, too.  Parenthood works best when you jump in with both feet.  Somehow the water isn't so scary when you just jump right in.

This week, I am thankful for -

Baby learning early to love the carrier, instantly soothed by being worn close to Mama.

Fun music and dance parties, a great way to break up the day and exert some energy!

Grandparents offering to take the older 4 kids for an overnight at the beach

A husband who smiles and laughs and plays with me.

Girls night with my dearest friends

Air conditioning units and ceiling fans

Dinner brought by my best friend 

Oldest son sweeping the floor after lunch

Cool summer hair cuts

Empty laundry hampers

Tiny baby feet sticking out of the sling

Infant cloth diapers sunning on the clothesline

My little guy who helps me learn to be a better Mama

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  1. What a beautiful reminder of staying centered under the pressure of motherhood. I only have one little one at this time and when we have another I'm sure I'll have many opportunities to ask for a little grace while mothering! Thanks for your realness and example!

  2. Temperatures and tempers were rising around here this week too. So I dropped everything today (which was so not easy since I am supposed to be doing all the cleaning, laundry and packing for a vacation in 2 days!!), went to a store and bought the cheapest inflatable pool they had. It was actually great - shaped like a whale, with the tail providing some shade and even a "spout" at the front you attach the hose to. The kids loved it! And you know what? I got my suit on and hopped right in with them!
    It's amazing what can happen when you choose to join them, not fight them. We ended the day with popcorn and a movie. They got to bed later...but everyone went with a smile!

  3. Thank you so much for this post. It is exactly what I needed to read today. So very encouraging. I am grateful to you for all the positive mommy vibes you send out there. You are amazing. I am inspired to be a better momma when I read something like this. God bless you and have a wonderful day!


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