Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Still} Savoring Summer


On Tuesday, the school bus will drive down my street picking up youngsters in squeaky new shoes and backpacks stuffed with supplies and cart them off to their respective schools.

Meanwhile, here in our family bubble, we're still savoring summer - its not technically over yet, you know.  We're still sporting bare feet and wild hair.  We acknowledge that little bit of Autumn detectable in the late Summer breeze, but we're not done with Summer here yet.

There is still sweet corn to munch.  Laundry flying and drying on the line.  Popsicles dripping down sweaty fronts.  The sun is still shining bright and we're still eating picnic lunches and napping in the late afternoon glow. We're still considering a few more trips to the lake.

In our summer, learning hasn't taken a break...the format has simply changed up a bit.  I always find myself a bit surprised at the end of each summer when I discover yet again that my children have continued to grow in their knowledge despite (or perhaps because of) time away from textbooks and work pages.

We are looking forward to Fall - the apple and pumpkin pies, warm soup and bread for dinner and the woodsy crunch of scarlet leaves beneath our once again shoe clad feet.  Fall here is truly Michigan at her finest, after all.  But a Michigan summer is over so quickly that we're not quite ready to be done yet.

So if you see us still wearing bathing suits all day well into September, you'll know why.  Yep, we're still savoring summer.

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  1. I can so related. here in Canada, where we wear coats over our Halloween costumes, we hold onto that last warm breath of air as long as possible too. already I can leave the windows wide open to catch the cool night breeze....but tomorrow, if Mr Golden Sun smiles upon us, oh yes....the Slip n Slide is a must.

  2. We wear winter coats on Halloween as well...brrr!

  3. I'm the opposite. I start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving and keep it going through my birthday in January. :P Haha, for me the year practically revolves around Christmas. "It truly is the most wonderful time of the year." ~Andy Williams

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