Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Suddenly, it is upon us. We wake up to cold.  I whisper thanks for a friend who sent along a sweater last spring while I hastily pull it on in the dark.  I notice the things I wouldn't  - how this one has grown (see those ankles under too-short jeans!), nearly passing up his older sister.  They all have.  Another begins to gradually drift away and I fight those feelings of melancholy, knowing that this summer with these kids at these ages - its never going to happen again.

For breakfast I make oatmeal - like a warm hug first thing in the morning, this old friend.  After a summer of cool breakfasts, we embrace warmth and cinnamon spice.  A new fall coming close and soon.  The leaves are still green but there is a bite to the wind.  I sit on the back porch and bring out my knitting, watching the kids run around and shout with the neighbor kids on the last day before school starts.

The coffee maker is broken, so early morning I make the quiet, cool trek through the back yard to my Mom's house where there is always a fresh pot brewing.  A few quiet moments, some deep breaths.  On the way home, I see the day before strewn about the yard - toys forgotten, a pair of flip flops by the swings, the remnants of a fort the kids made.  I walk the rows of the garden beds before turning toward home.

The girls are sharpening pencils and pulling out school books.  It seems everyone is ready for a bit more structure.  I make up my daily plan and look ahead to implementing it soon.

Daddy comes home from work, his last week before beginning a new job.  Upstairs his attempts to dress Jonah turn into a full on wrestling match.  I snuggle closer to the soft chubby baby in my arms and we rock and nurse and listen to them clamor.

A day of gifts, this.  Every bit of it?  Pure grace.

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  1. I think it's so cool that you can just cross the yard to pour a cup from your Mama's coffee pot.


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