Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Small, So Big

Peter is just at the most darling stage right now (indeed all the stages are darling!).  Still so small, yet in many ways so big!  His cheeks are delightfully chub, his midsection and thighs gooshy goodness, his dribbly juicy grins just pure delight.  He has so grown in the past month!

Lately I have really been loving a baby of his age in cloth diapers.  Reusable diapers for a newborn can be so bulky, and for a much older baby some of the charm wears off.  Peter is at the perfect age.   We've been 100% in cloth for almost 2 months at this point.

I recently streamlined my diaper collection.  After cloth diapering on and off for almost 5 years, I really have every different style diaper you can imagine.  The problem is, certain things just seem to work better at different stages.  So last week I tucked away the goodmama fitteds and all of my microfiber inserts and fell head over heels in love with the least glamorous of diapering options: prefolds and covers.

To be completely honest, I don't have enough covers to go completely this route, so I have been using prefolds as inserts in pockets as well.  The cotton prefolds wash so clean and dry fairly quickly, and I'm loving having no backup in the diapers.

So, in a nutshell, my current stash consists of:

3 dozen basic unbleached indian prefolds
1 dozen bleached chinese prefolds
3 Flips covers
3 Thirsties covers
about 24 fleece liners
12 Fuzzi Buns pockets
12 old bG pockets
2 organic bG AIOs
A big stack of cloth wipes
Hanging wetbag

I use the hanging wetbag in place of a pail in the bathroom and love it.  I wash about twice a week.  For now, this is cloth nirvana.

I think Peter agrees.

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  1. I had some questions about the hanging wet bag. Does it hold in smell? What brand? this will be my first time cloth diapering and I'm trying to figure out if I would want to do the pail or the hanging wet bag.
    Btw, love your blog!

    Thanks, Stacy

  2. I loved using cloth diapers with my son when he was a newborn. Unfortunately, his skin is very sensitive and a horrible rash developed resulting in me having to go to disposables instead! I was so disappointed because, as weird as it sounds to those who have never clothed diapered, I loved it! :) If another little blessing should ever come along {praying one does!} I will most definitely use cloth again!!
    Cute post, but even cuter baby! :)

  3. Indian Prefold and Bummis/Thirsties cover fan here! I have a two year old in them now whose sister used them before her and look forward to using them yet again. Just found out... there is a little one on the way!


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