Thursday, October 13, 2011

These Days...

I used to write lists - lists of things that needed doing.  I don't do that anymore.  First of all, it was discouraging to look at a largely neglected list after a long day in the trenches of motherhood.  Secondly, it failed to take into account what happened instead: real life.

These days I make lists of real life moments - and give thanks for the golden opportunity to experience them.

These days, I'm thankful

For the babe happy on my back

For kids picking up sticks for the burn pile

Stacks of folded diapers, thanks to a sweet daughter

Picnic lunches well into October

Two beautiful brown eyed boys

Three kids sharing one tricycle

Falling in love for the fifth time

Sibling love while drilling spelling words

Fiona hard at work, exploding the "code."

How is your list coming along these days?

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  1. Love! When I saw the middle picture of Jo and Peter, I thought "Peter looks like your Uncle Gary". Weird.

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  3. Great post! You look like a happy little family and that's what counts in this world - everything else can wait, dishes, will all be there when they are grown and gone! (I also LOVE Explode the Code! Happy Fall!

  4. Ahh! Gratuitous kid pics! Soo lovely, all of you! That picture of Peter in the bumbo made me smile. I remember being loaned one for Magda and her legs were too darn fat to fit in there without causing pain! ;)

  5. Amanda - yes, Peter will only sit in it for a minute because it squishes his chub too much!

  6. I gave up making to do lists about 3 kids ago. haha Love your list though. What a great idea!

    Is that a Beco baby carrier? That's what I have and I love it! Love the sweet little toes peeking out. :)

  7. You are so pretty! You remind me of the starlet in Vampire Di-ries. I love the shirt you are wearing!

  8. The pic of Ben holding the baby at the computer just about burst my heart.


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