Thursday, December 15, 2011


After a few super busy weeks, I took a couple hours today to just hold my little Peter.  He went from giggly to quietly awake to sweetly slumbering to awake again, comfortably held close to my heart.  As I watched his tiny chest rise and fall, his gentle sighs in dreamland, I couldn't shake the thought -

Its just too much.  I don't deserve this.  This perfect moment suspended in time, silk soft baby skin, sweet breath in and out.  Its pure gift.

This Christmas, I've been given everything I could ever have wanted - and so very much more.

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  1. he is beautiful Lydia! And yes, you've been given so much - you are blessed!! I've been busy too, and took extra time today to snuggle with worth it!

  2. Gorgeous picture. God blesses us so.

  3. A treasure to behold, can you even imagine what Mary thought when she held her 'Christ child'? Baby Jesus who one day would be her savior? just look at the precious one...and rejoice.


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