Monday, February 27, 2012


Life is an adventure, so they say.  And honestly sometimes that is just the only way to view it.  When I woke up Sunday morning to a bed full of children with icy toes and noses, I knew something was up.  It turns out our furnace had decided to take a vacation in February - not great timing, but (thanks to the warmer weather we've had this year) not the end of the world.  Our normal handyman came out after Church and had a look, but it seems that the fix will require a bit more than that.

So it seems we are once again flung into a  great adventure.  I tuck four children in a bed altogether, adding in hot water bottles and extra blankets for good measure and covering them all with a "fort" over top, just for a little fun.  I say a prayer of thankfulness for the miracle that is down comforters and woolen socks and a chubby wee baby who doesn't seem to mind acting as my own personal furnace.  There is something extra delightful about a cool pillow beneath your cheek when you are snug as a bug in a rug, bundled right up.  And really, seeing it all as pure, adventurous fun is really what can keep you calm and in good spirits when these little catastrophes descend in their haphazard way.

So tomorrow morning there will be toasty oatmeal and cuddles on the couch and maybe even a bit of hot chocolate.  The furnace man will come by again and maybe this time be able to fix whatever it is that is going on down in that gloomy basement.  But if not, we'll be just fine.  Its all part of the adventure.

{Another not-so-fun jog in my plans has been the recent demise of my camera lens.  Until I am able to replace it, I hope you will bear with me!  I may have to use my husband's phone to document some recent projects of mine from this weekend...}


  1. Oh No! Not a good time of year to have your furnace leave ya for a bit! Praying your handyman is able to fix it for you guys fairly quickly!


  2. Oh no!! Hope you have the heat up and running again soon. Until then, stay warm.

  3. Yes! It was fixed shortly after this was posted. A good thing too! Yesterday was a cold one!

  4. Yes! It was fixed shortly after this was posted. A good thing too! Yesterday was a cold one!

  5. Such a light-hearted and positive post - love it! :o)


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