Thursday, February 23, 2012


Something feels different this morning.  I slip on clogs at the back door and wrap the baby in fleece before heading out.  Through the gate, avoiding the smooshy spots where the mud has taken over.  It smells different this morning.  Although this Winter has not felt much like Winter at all, I'm surprised when that first whiff of Spring - hope catches at me.  Fresh air fills my lungs and I feel it - clean.

I scrape my feet off at the beginning of Dad's path.  There are snowdrops nodding at me, snuggled right up beside the old green barn.  I bend down and Peter's chubby hand grasps a stem and holds it up to me, a tribute.

Its Lent again and Ash Wednesday is my very favorite day of the Church year.  A day where our Pastor tells us to look at one another and admit it:  "I am a miserable person."  A day where we're reminded that despite our packed calendars and fitness goals and pinterest boards, we're all just dust.  Something that people don't usually want to discuss.  Something our modern world deems better off ignored.  I can't ignore mortality when its written in ash on the foreheads of the people I love the most.  Yet Ash Wednesday speaks hope to me, peace.

Peter and I borrow a bit of milk from Grandma and head home.  My coffee tastes different this morning - bitter.  I forgo sugar and read the first 6 chapters of Matthew, pausing at the Beattitudes to read them aloud to the crowd at my feet.

Jonah climbs into my lap and plants a kiss on my forehead, the same spot blessed the night before.  In this moment, I'm held in quiet, watchful anticipation and perfect peace.

Is this your first time experiencing Lent?

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