Thursday, March 1, 2012


So, you know how I mentioned that I'd give away a sweet little baby sweater when my facebook group hit 300 likes?

I'm upping the ante a bit.

And I'm wondering....

What is your opinion of handknit socks?

What if they were made just for you?

Your size, your color choice.

What would you think?

Well....I've decided.  At 300 likes, I'll give away that sweater to a lucky facebook fan.

And I'll also cast on for a pair of socks for another lucky winner!

How to enter?  Why, just click "like" on my facebook page!  To help me get to 300 faster, share with your friends!

It's that easy.


  1. The socks got me to click "like!" Even though a baby sweater would be perfectly usable here too, due in a month. :)

  2. LOVE socks and live in them here. A pair knit by you would be extra special!

  3. I want a pair soooo bad!!!! I have serious issues with my feet getting cold and it's so hard to warm them,those look so warm and comfy!!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Don't forget to "share" the page on your facebook so your friends can join the fun!

  5. What a fun addition. How kind of you! Hoping you reach 300 soon! :)

    {i hit "like" a long, long, time ago! :) }


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