Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springtime Knitting

It's been hot this past week.  Really hot.  The warm front that pushed that Tornado to touch down just miles away last week gave us over 80 degrees almost every day this week.

As such, I haven't felt much like knitting.  I've got a few customs going that I'm forcing myself to work on, but I've largely been leaving the knitting needles behind when I talk the kids outside, content to poke around the garden a bit instead.  It's just been too hot to sit with a pile of wool in your lap.

Of course, if it was the right wool, things might be different.  A package arrived the other day and my knitting slump disappeared.  Oh my.

MadelineTosh DK in Mica, a lovely yarn in a lovely color.  The way color takes to this fiber is like pure magic. The silver almost glistens.  The soft blue so slight, such a tiny hint.  And the way it looks on the skein is nothing like how it knits up.  If you have never tried this yarn, order some. And maybe send a few skeins my way, if you're feeling generous.

I cast on for this little shrug.  I think I have enough for two, short sleeved, for a couple little girls to wear on Easter.  I thought for a moment about making just one sweater, but with yarn this lovely the jealousy factor would be to strong.

No, this will not be the last time I use this yarn.  Dreaming up Mama-sized projects to try next!

What's on your needles these days?


  1. I'm knitting headbands out of Noro and this wonderful wool that I bought last summer in the UP. They are cute, fast and the pattern is done in short rows.

  2. The yarn is gorgeous! Added it to my yarn wishlist! :) And I hit a knitting slump as well last week...but quickly got it back when I picked my current WIP back up. The yarn I am using is so soft and slides so nicely through my fingers! I am knitting a cute little Colin Vest for Caleb to *hopefully* wear on Easter! :)

  3. Gorgeous yarn, love it!!

    I am knitting a little vest for myself, something I can throw on on cool spring mornings and cool summer nights.

  4. Sounds lovely, everyone! Kim - I'm entertaining the thought of making myself a sort of wrap/shawl. I've never used one before, but sitting here sipping coffee in the cool morning has me wishing I had one!


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