Monday, March 26, 2012

*Whole Family Reading*

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. 
 - Dr. Seuss

I grew up in a large brick home in the historical district with my half dozen siblings and Mom and Dad.  While we played upstairs and down, in the basement and out in the back yard, one of my favorite places was the Library.

Yes, this 150 year old home had a library, which we also occasionally called the "school room."  It had 6 little desks in it, and Mom's large one.  The walls were lined with bookshelves and books of every shape and size, topic and style crammed the shelves.

Just when you thought you had read every book within reach, you'd climb a bit higher, use a larger chair and reach taller, and find something you had never seen before.

Growing up, I read.  And read and read and read and read.  In the winter, I read all afternoon, sprawled across the flowered duvet my Mom made, upstairs on my bed.  In the summer, I swung lazily in the hammock outside, barefoot, nose in a book.

My Mom knew then, as I know now, not to disturb a reading child.  She also knew to line her shelves with books not only to entertain, but to instruct and inspire.  Books to spark the imagination and stir up motivation.

I'm the Mom these days, and I can sometimes find it quite overwhelming to search out really good books for my kids.  Standing in the children's room at our local library finds me quite distracted, not quite sure where to start.  That's where a handy little book list helps.  I knew just where to find one.

I headed once again into my Mom's library.  The bookshelves still crammed after all these years, but I headed to a section I hadn't before spent much time on:  The home educating area next to Mom's desk where she kept all of her homeschooling Mom resources.  It's there that I found it - her secret to finding excellent literature for kids.

"Books Children Love" is a must have for every parent, homeschooling or not!  It gives you lists of great books on every topic along with the intended grade/age level.  I flip through and make a few notes, write down a booklist of my own.  I'm ready when Nana calls and wants to know "What are the kids reading these days?"

Today, we've got a stack of new books to read:  "The Courage of Sarah Noble," "The Most Wonderful Doll in the World," "Blueberries for Sal" and a whole stack of G.A. Henty book's besides. Books to instruct, captivate, inspire, and motivate.  Books for the whole family to enjoy.

What are you reading these days?


  1. Are you part of Washtenaw County Success by 6? It is an organization founded by Dolly Parton. It sends a new book, every month, to any child under age 6 (who lives in Ypsilanti). William is part of it and he got Blueberries for Sal last month :)

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  3. p.s. it is free. I think the national program is called Imagination Library, but locally it is run by Wash. success by 6.

  4. No, we aren't! Do you have a link? :-)

  5. Reading is a family affair here, as my little man can't read yet :) So we are always reading together. At the moment his favs are The Sun Egg, The Story of the Root Children, Children of the Forest and Emily and Daisy. Emily and Daisy I can read by heart now :)

    Have fun reading, it is a great way to spend part of the day.

  6. I just posted about reading yesterday, and how important it is for kids to read lots of different kinds of books to widen their imagination for stories about God. So I love book posts! We're reading lots of Dr. Seuss these days (who truthfully isn't always my favorite because they are so.long. before nap/bedtime!). But my toddler is on a tear, so I figure it's best to let his interests of the day drive our reading. Lots of "barber, baby, bubbles and a bumble bee" over here!

  7. I just love reading posts about reading...especially ones that talk about children reading with their parents. It is so very important!! We spend much time at our local library searching for the perfect books to bring home. The book you mentioned will most definitely be helpful in finding good ones to read with my kids!

    And your childhood sounded lovely!! Days spent reading...ahh...pure bliss!! :)

  8. Yes, reading is so very important! Another resource I love is the reading lists over at ambleside online. It is a complete Charlotte Mason curriculum, but I just borrow literature ideas from there. I love having the children learn about history, etc, from "living books" because I think they absorb so much more information that way.

  9. Just finished Polyanna and started in on All-of-a-Kind Family, while re-reading Family Under the Bridge in bits and pieces because we enjoyed it so much, and an occasional Uncle Wiggily or Milli-Molly-Mandy story thrown in there during the day!


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