Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Gratitude

It has finally happened.  These days we are spending more time out than in.  And even though Sunday saw me skipping family dinner and feeling quite under the weather, I'm scrolling through pictures and feel nothing but gratitude for another weekend just here with the ones I love.

This Monday morning, so grateful for:

~Beautiful weather, perfect for outside knitting

~ My big/little man, practicing standing alone!

~ Perennial herbs like my very happy oregano, ready to be clipped and turned into something marvelous.

~ Baby still small enough to fall asleep on Mama's back

~ The return of bare legs and skirts!

~ Whole family outdoor work day - Ben mowing, girls sweeping porches, Jonah picking up sticks, Daddy overseeing it all.

~ Planting onions and potatoes with my little ones.

~ Snuggly sleeping babe at the end of a long day living and learning.

~ Dirt under my fingernails.

~ Baking an apple pie "just because" with my Jonah, who takes his job very seriously.

~ Time to slow down and do some much needed reading.

~ Slow walks with my Mom through our connecting yards, learning so much from someone who knows dirt and plants better than I could ever hope to.

~Plans for an awesome giveaway, hopefully up tomorrow.

Hope that your weekend was every bit as blessed as my own.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Such blessings!! Yay for knitting under the sun, I managed to get a little bit of that done this weekend too!

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. I have two pairs of those same clogs! :) Beautiful pictures!

    1. Aren't they so comfortable? I wear them every day!

  3. Such lovely pictures! We, too, have been spending lots of time outdoors, although I don't get much knitting in with two lively babies to keep track of. :)


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