Friday, June 22, 2012

Lickety-Split Quick-Change Trousers

Jonah was still a baby when Handmade Beginnings came out in 2010 and I used my Mother's Day money toward buying it.  I love Anna's blog and her beautiful fabric designs and knew I wanted to take a crack at a few of her patterns as well.  The "Quick Change Trousers" have been on my sewing queue since then.  2 years!  With Peter's birthday right around the corner and him already almost sizing out of them, I knew I had to make a pair.

So last night I headed to the fabric store with a 40% off coupon and spent a little while (alright, maybe a long while) trying to find some boyish geometric fabric, woven and a bit thicker than quilting cotton.  In a little over an hour, I pulled these together.

The pattern is simple and well explained.  I love that they are fully reversible, not only because it gives you options in outfits, but also because it helps the finished product look so, well, finished.  I don't have a serger so a full lining really does help a garment look nice and complete.

I have never been happier with how a pattern turned out.  I think that may be testimony to just how simple this pattern is (certainly nothing to do with my novice-at-best sewing skills).  I added a bit of length and he can cuff them twice - so hopefully they will fit him well into the Fall, possibly beyond.

I had to let Peter put them on for a photo shoot, of course...and he still has them on.

What's that, Peter?  You want to put in an order for another pair?

Well, alright.


  1. Ah the Quick Change pants are my favorite. They will look so cute in the fall with a little handmade wool sweater!

    1. Yes! Or a little vest, can you imagine? I think he also needs some with flannel :-).

  2. Love the quick change pants too!!! Love the fabrics you choose, very cute.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Lydia!! Those are ridiculously adorable! Well, not as much as Peter, but too cute all the same. Great work mama. :)

  4. I have been seeing these all over the blogosphere lately!! I think someone is trying to tell me I need to purchase this book and make this pants for my baby girl!! :)

    Love the fabric you chose...super cute!!

  5. They are beautiful, Lydia! Are you finding they fit well over cloth diapers? I have had the book out from the library and I think I'll check it out again. :)



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