Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Awards

Despite having a blog and writing (somewhat) faithfully, I'm not really that connected with the blog world.  I read a few  here and there, but I am horrible at networking of any sort.  I'm much more likely to admire someone from afar than to get up the gumption to say hello.

Perhaps that is why I was shocked when I received a blog award from two bloggers I read regularly in just over a week.  Who, me?  I was so honored and surprised, I can't even begin to express it.  Whole Parenting Family and Motheringspirit both awarded me the "Versatile Blogger" award.  The terms of the award suggest that each nominee, in turn, nominates 15 blogs of their own.  As I said before, I kind of fail at reading blogs, but I did pull together a list for you, albeit with only 10.  Please take a moment and check out these truly awesome blogs!  Here are my nominations:

Like Mother, Like Daughter never ceases to inspire and amaze me.  This collection of mothers and daughters spans several states, yet the blog has a beautiful unity that seamlessly connects one post to the next.

Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus is a farm wife with a heart of gold.  Her posts are encouragement, pure and simple and beautifully written.

Anna Maria Horner is an amazing designer and Mom to 6 gorgeous kids.  I love reading her blog that contrasts family life with her unique line of work, sprinkled liberally with projects and crafts she has been working on.  She writes her heart, and it is a beautiful thing!

Beyond Convention is a blog written by my "in real life" friend Alice.  Beyond Convention is written about her life and experiences as the mother of 3 autistic children.  Alice chooses joy and mothers her 3 extraordinary children with a quiet grace and strength that inspires me, both online and off.

Jessica at Muthering Heights is pure encouragement for a mother's heart.  She just plain gets it.  I love her blog.

The Girl's Guide To Guns and Butter is another favorite.  Beautiful photography, extremely well written posts, a little bit of humor here and there and more thoughts on farm life.

MommyCoddle is one I have been reading for years.  I love her thoughts on homeschooling and parenting her brood of four beautiful girls on a farm.

Amy is one of my very dearest friends in real life, blogging over at Blessed by God.  She blogs about her Catholic faith and life with her 10 (yes, 10!) children.  Amy values honesty and brings that quality to her blog which results in poignant, real, heart string-strumming posts.  Take a look around her blog and you'll see just why I love her so much.

Small Things is one of my newest and most favorite blogs to read. Ginny is a homeschooling mama to 6 little ones, takes beautiful photographs and makes beautiful things.  She is a gem.

Sweet Ridge Sisters is another collaborative effort, this time on the part of 4 beautiful sisters from Wisconsin. They write about style, cooking, farm life, city life, decorating and everything in between.  I love the full rounded perspective these collaborative blogs convey.

The second task of the is to say 7 random facts about myself.  In lieu of that, if you are curious about a few common questions about me, click here for my FAQs.

Thank you so much to Motheringspirit and  to Nell at Whole Family Parenting for recognizing me.  I still can hardly believe it and I am humbled, honored, and ridiculously pleased.  Thank you.

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  1. You are such a sweet writer! And a great inspiration. So thank YOU!


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