Friday, June 1, 2012

This Moment

After 2 weeks of hand washing every dish that was used in a 7 person household, today my new dishwasher is being installed!  The kids vacillate between squatting down next to the repairman, holding the flashlight, and playing house/fort/hideout in the dishwasher box.  (Side note: yes, 4 children can fit inside a dishwasher box, along with 2 pillows, a blanket and a variety of stuffed animals).  It is a rainy day, so this is just about perfect.

As much as I didn't mind the hand washing, it will be good to be able to press a button and have the dishes be washed by something without a massive to do list waiting.  The laundry has fallen a bit behind as I've spent upwards on an hour a day on dishes.  I know some families do just fine without one, but this is one modern convenience I consider a necessity.

I'm kicked out of the kitchen for the moment, so I'm writing lists and making weekend plans.  Our garden-munching groundhog went and had a a litter of babies - 4, I think.  I can't blame her, who doesn't want a whole litter of chubby, wriggling babies?  They are adorable and have effectively chewed every thing in our garden (yes, everything) down to nothing.  My children love them, but I feel like it is time for them to move one.  I'm gathering live traps from neighbors and hoping to spend the weekend moving them out of our area.

I've finally completed the 80 quilt blocks required for Fiona's quilt.  Yes, the same one I was planning and purchasing for last summer.  Hopefully getting the rest of the top pieced over the weekend.  I told Dinah that her quilt was next in my queue, and she responded by saying "Great.  It will probably be done in 5 years!" She's sharp, that one.

There is a big, neighborhood-wide yard sale taking place this weekend, one of my very favorite haunts this time of year.  I'm making a list of things that I need, mostly so I will not be distracted by any number of pretties that I do not.  It's hard not to be tempted though when there are so many treasures waiting for a home!

Today is my youngest sister's birthday - Prisca Mary, turning Sweet 16.  I'm thinking back on the very first time I ever saw her, all snuggled up with my Mom in bed.  I was 12 at the time, and her arrival made a big impression on me.  Today I'm baking a chocolate cake and celebrating a sister who completed our crew of 4.  I'm so very glad she was born!

Just a rainy Friday in June.  What are you up to today?


  1. I am being totally lazy. Ignoring the dishes and ironing and much needed bedroom clean up.
    Playing on the computer and thinking of my grocery list for the store.

  2. Sounds like me most of the time!


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