Monday, September 17, 2012

Free Flowing {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

Jonah is hunched over sewing cards in one of his favorite places: under the dining room table.  The girls sashay past me on their way outside, dressed in impressive dress up ensembles and deep in make believe play.  Upstairs, Ben is carrying on a conversation with little Peter, who babbles right back.

You wouldn't know that about an hour ago I was begged and cajoled following my firm statement that we'd spend today screen free (and, secretly, hopefully?  The rest of this week.).  Once it became clear that I wouldn't relent, they slowly scattered and figured something else out.  A few grumpy complaints that "there's nothing to do!" were quickly silenced by my reminder that I always have ideas of things kids could do...frequently of the chore variety.

As I stand in the center of my home and listen to the quiet hum of children doing, thinking, playing and learning, I can't help but smile.  See, sometimes even I can forget - forget that the din of electronics, televisions and yes, sometimes even music that I enjoy, can rob this home of what I need now more than ever: peace.  Un-tethering all of our minds and thoughts from these devices can give the whole family a fresh perspective.

Sometimes it's tough - and that just shows me that it is high time we took a break.  The 3 year old threw an epic tantrum as I quietly unplugged the television and locked up the cabinet.  We need this.  All of us.

So Jonah finishes up his sewing cards and pulls his stool right along side me, in the kitchen, where I stand making biscuits for dinner and reaches for the rolling pin.  The girls get out art supplies and lose themselves in cutting and pasting and creating.  Ben stretches out on the couch, lost in a book.  And I'm always nearby, knitting or cleaning or cooking, always ready with ideas for things to do for this house full of active little people.

In this way, our days are free flowing - from learning to playing to working and back again.  Slowly but surely, we find our rhythm.

{Today, join us in Mindful Mothering Mondays.  A day to take a deep breath and write out your mothering journey, whatever form it takes.  A day to link up for encouragement from others who are in this same phase of life.  A day of writing out the trials and triumphs and what you're learning right where you are, right now.

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We are all in this, together.  Together, we can encourage and build one another up, be honest with our shortcomings and strengthened by community to keep fighting the good fight.

I chose Mondays because what Mama doesn't need a little encouragement on a Monday? As such, I'll have the link up ready to go on Sunday night for you to begin submitting your links.

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  1. I linked up mine! I think :)


  2. I linked up as well. Thanks for a peek at the real fun in your household! Every day is a new one, huh? And another opportunity for mom to learn something new as well.
    I wanted to say congratulations on your new expectation Lydia! I hope you find some moments to sneak in a bit of rest -you know, in your spare time ;-D

  3. Love this!! Hoping your screen free days are full of fun and adventure :)

  4. I get so frustrated when I'm the only person in my house who enjoys a quiet house... especially during the day. My 4 year old isn't liking the new very strict tv schedule around my house these days... I see that he is easier to play when we put it plain that it's remaining off. It stunts their imagination for sure!!

    1. Yes! So frustrating. We are trying to implement a new more strident schedule as well. We'll see how it goes!

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