Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Summer

Although we began our homeschool co op this week, we still haven't started regular lessons here at home - a delay that sees me vacillating between anxiety and relief.  The truth is, a few more days for me to ease into our burgeoning fall schedule can only be a good thing.

It feels like I largely missed August altogether and, because I mentally checked out of summer early, the same goes for my little ones.  These days, I'm grateful for the glory of September in Michigan and a few more chances to enjoy being out in it.

So we eat lunch outside as often as possible, because it's still so good.  We explore parks all but abandoned by local school children.  We march down to the Farmer's market and come back to feast on the spoils of the season, just as they are.

Mostly, I sit back and watch these kids of mine, take note of how they are growing and the words they are saying.  I see how, in the absence of neighbor kids, they play altogether, space made in their games for each one, young and older.  I see who they are becoming, and it takes my breath away.  Because they are growing up, good.  They are finding their footing.  It is a stunning sight.  It makes all of these moments feel just exactly right.

The girls are pumping impossibly high on the swing set out back while Ben mows the emerald grass and my two little men push trikes around the driveway.  A September summer, then, for us.  Just what we needed.

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