Monday, October 1, 2012

Step Up {Mindful Mothering Mondays}


I was sitting in the pew with my arm around the shoulders of my oldest when the hair on the back of my neck stood up and tears sprung into my eyes.

It was a good sermon, yes, about living life today not focused on winning or losing but on following His example and letting it be enough.  But it wasn't until the Pastor shared this story that it truly hit me between the eyes.

He told of a man who had just lost his wife, considering giving away all of his children because he didn't think we was strong enough, Father-enough, to make it alone, without her.  The Pastor leaned forward and half whispered: "He was hitting home runs every day and he didn't even know it."

I turned my head and spied that husband of mine, standing in the back, wrangling our two toddlers so I could hear the sermon.  I wondered if he knew.

And then I thought about all of you, there in the trenches of long, hard, exhausting, doubt and often guilt filled days.  I wondered if you knew - you hit home runs all day long.  You've got this.   I thought of all the mothers that I know, online and off.  The ones who send me emails or prayer requests.  The ones that confide in me in the nursery at church: "I can't do this."  The ones with the toddler pitching and epic fit in the grocery and the ones with crushing perfectionism, stealing their joy.  And I thought about how, each and every one of them, of you, are hitting it out of the park.  How amazing you are and you don't even see it.

It doesn't mean that is is always going to be perfect, but if you don't really go for it, embrace His promises and claim them as your own, you could miss out.  You could spend a lifetime, yours and that of your children, playing it safe but never realizing the fullness of the life He has for you.

I've been there.  I can look back at years, wasted.  A large part of why those years ticked by without me living my life the right way was the amount of time I spent thinking about...myself.  But not through His lens, no, not a bit.  The self indulgent navel-gazing of someone who is wondering what their purpose in life is when it is standing right in front of her, saying "Mama! Mama! Mama!"

So how do we do it?  Grab hold of His path and promises for us and hold on tight?  As my Pastor stood up and told us yesterday, you stop over-thinking your failures and your successes.  You hold on tight, and you continue to ask him to move in your life.  You ask for wisdom to know His will and you take off your blinders and see that often, what He expects of you today?  Is right there in front of you.

So go ahead, step up to the plate, gather up your confidence, the type only found in Him, and hit one out of the park.


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  1. I always find inspiration when I come to your space, thank you.

  2. Lydia, your post has literally saved my life today. It's really bad over here, but I'm going to hang on tight and continue to ask Him to move in my life, just as you said. I'm so frightened and the only one who can help is God.

  3. That's the one I needed this morning.

  4. So true, thank you. Now my purpose in life is shouting "Mummy, come play with me", so I'd best go :-)

  5. How beautiful and how timely! We had one of those toddler moments yesterday at the park - mine literally sat down and refused to leave. I figure I'm doing something right if I keep taking him places or giving him activities that he doesn't want to stop . . .

  6. I really needed this today. Thank you.

  7. I couldn't agree more! My purpose is most undoubtedly my kids!! I need to continually remind myself to step up.


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