Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane {Homemade Christmas}

Not the one out East, mind you, although we did feel Sandy's effects here and continue to pray for her survivors!

No, the Hurricane I speak of is warmer and a bit less destructive - that is, a warm cuddly hat knit in the "Hurricane" Pattern.

Yes, I'm back to  Elving, spending time here and there to pull together some Christmas gifts.  Hurricane took one evening of knitting to complete, an excellent knit for those in a hurry for a handmade gift, or those with a lot of friends and family to create for.  I love this pattern.  Easy and quick, a unisex hat pattern that can look more masculine or feminine, depending on your yarn choice.  I am trying to be good and work out of the stash, so I made this out of a leftover skein of BlackBerry Ridge Merino, the same used for Benjamin's sweater last month (blogged here).  The natural color and texture of this yarn appear to me to be a bit more masculine, so I'll be squirrelling it away to present to one of the many wonderful men in my life.

Over the next two months, I'll be blogging more of my homemade gift ideas for all of you.  If you are working on a homemade Christmas as well, please leave a link in the comments and any ideas you have so I can see what you are up to!

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  1. I don't knit (yet), but I sure do have the creating urge right now too! I started a quilt for my own tribe, just for enjoying in our new winter home (as yet completely unfurnished) perhaps with a book or five.
    Most handmade treasures are given as gifts, but I'm trying to be deliberate about making things that won't leave the house until one of my baby birds leave the nest and request some special thing with memories attached :-)

    Thanks Lord for winter time!

  2. Oh nice! That does look easy. I'm in the throws of mitten and headband creation right now. One red set almost finished, then a pink set and a ? set as I too am trying to use what I have. Headbands are much preferred over hats around here. They fit under bike helmets better!

  3. I need to pull out my knitting again! It's much more portable than the sewing machine :) Just finished posting some gift ideas from previous years...


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