Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week has blown right by, busy as ever, but, as always, rife with reasons to give thanks.  I'm counting blessings this November, one per day.  If you are doing the same, feel free to list them in the comments or drop a link to your own blog!  There is just so much to be grateful for.

Nov. 9: For my sister, Esther, born when I was 8 years old.  A welcomed and well loved not-so-little-anymore sister, celebrating 21 years.

Nov. 10th:  For Saturdays when my husband is home, working on things around the home and giving me much needed and appreciated rest from being the sole parent at home.

Nov. 11th:  For my little row of children in church, not always perfectly behaved or solemnly silent, but there nonetheless.  For my daughter whispering the Lord's Prayer right along with the congregation, my son's eyes tightly closed in concentration as he makes his confession.

Nov. 12th: For learning moments with my children, Fiona reading right out loud from an ancient book her Mama learned to read on.  For whole life education taking place every day.

Nov. 13th: For friends who inspire me with their selfless faith.  A friend who perseveres in faith, even as doctors tell her the baby she carries will not live long.  Another friend traveling a world away to bring a forgotten child home.  Yet another, brave foster mother who hands over a baby she adores at the order of a court.  For these strong, courageous and faith filled women, I am so grateful.

Nov. 14th: For afternoon coffee with my brother, in from a stroll around the neighborhood.  Close family relationships, even as we grow into adulthood, some of my most dearly treasured possessions.

Nov. 15th : For creative moments with my little ones, watching them grow in passion for making and participating in beauty on a daily basis.

Give thanks with me today!

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