Wednesday, November 14, 2012

These days...

After a lovely 70 degree Sunday, during which we played and worked outside as much as humanly possible (and possibly more!), November greeted us in earnest on Monday with drizzling freezing rain and more Novemberish temperatures.

So we settle into these days with quiet anticipation - the calm before so much merry making to come.

These days,

~I am casting on for mitten after mitten, tying each pair with a yarny little bow and setting aside for wrapping.

~We are settling into our very own homeschooling rhythm, reading G.A. Henty (Benjamin) and Caddie Woodlawn (Mama and the girls) snuggled up in quilts with steaming mugs of tea.  And enjoying every moment.

~I am keeping a stern eye on the calendar, making sure I don't over book us and leave plenty of time for simply family time.  With a baby shower, birthday brunch, ballet rehearsals and a trip to Virginia all taking place over the next week, it's a task that I'm not sure I'm equal to.

~ I am pushing probiotics and extra vitamin D and pouring tons of prayer over my little brood for wellness during these indoor, germy seasons.

~Dinah is dashing off to extra ballet rehearsals, humming a few bars of Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker" on her way out the door.  With plenty memories of my own Nutcracker years, it is pure pleasure for me to see her living (and loving) it just as I did.

~ We're spending more time out than in, now.  Board games forgotten over the summer months have been rediscovered.  Paper dolls have been pulled out and have taken up permanent residence on the girl's floor, scattered about.  Jonah and I bake nearly every day, and he is back to being my little sous chef, pulling up a stool and scrubbing potatoes at the sink, or performing any kitchen task I can throw at him.

Mostly, we are sinking into this season, hoping to enjoy each and every day as it presents itself - challenges and all.  And as the holidays draw nearer, I find myself especially treasuring up these moments, counting them all as blessing.

What are you up to these days?

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  1. Oh, pretty much the same things!

    I remember my mom trying to get us to all the Christmasy events - music recitals, cookie exchanges, retirement homes... All good things, and I enjoyed every one, but I remember wishing for the reprieve, the coziness of home and family being together.
    There was a lot of stress and strain instead.

    I find though, as you have discovered, that planning ahead to be deliberate in the things that are truly important on my list, makes a season full of all the best and most delicious memories and moments!
    Well done friend.

  2. I am new to reading your blog. I have to comment on your amazing maturity. I am 38 with 5 kids and I still don't have a grip on life as you do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh where and when are you coming to VA? It would be fun to meet "in real life" as they say...K

  4. Love this one, really gives me a boost to kick my Christmas crafting into high gear! I recently told a friend (and fellow blogger) about your site because it's that amazing <3 Love the picture of the wood stove by the way!


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