Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Knit, Purl, Dye

I've been bitten by that knitting bug again.  As with many things, my time crafting tends to ebb and flow, depending on my mood, how busy life has been and how late I am able to stay up at night.  Here lately, I've been seeing little bits of inspiration every where I look, and it has been so fun and exciting to get these ideas worked out in my favorite way: on a pair of pointy sticks.

I've been dreaming up baby woolens lately, and decided to dye some yarn of my own.  I'm no artisan and don't have any fancy dyes (and I would probably blow up my kitchen if I attempted to play with chemicals), but it is so fun to let the kids pick out colors and dye with koolaid.  Nice and easy, relatively quick, "good" smelling (in Jonah's opinion, who thinks all yarn should be popsicle-scented), not too messy and non toxic.

  My girls tore open packets and mixed dye for me and everyone oohed and aahhed over the colors we ended up with.  2 nice semi solids (my very favorite!) in a perfectly peachy pink (6 packets pink lemonade) and a lovely June lilac (6 packets grape).  So much fun!  We followed this tutorial, except I didn't mix or swish the yarn much so ensure the yarn wasn't too uniform.  I just love a semi-solid.

Of course the fun is just getting started for me, because I get to weave these pretties into something soft and sweet to be slipped onto someone tiny and new.  Knowing that the colors were picked by adoring siblings will only serve to make whatever the yarn becomes that much more special.

Babies and semisolid yarns.  2 of my very favorite things.

What are you working on these days?

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  1. I think there is just something about this time of year with it's cold, short days that makes pulling out needles (or in my case hooks) and winding yarn around your fingers so appealing.

    Love the colors you achieved, semisolid is the best!

    1. I'm definitely hooked. Must dye more! I need to replicate the color of blue flowers in Springtime...

    2. Oh yes the color of blue flowers is so perfectly spring-y!

  2. I love the deep purple! So pretty. Time to have my Mom try to patiently reteach me how to knit;)


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