Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Schooling Rhythm

We're slowly getting back our schooling rhythm.  The first few days were a bit touch and go, as they always are, but by and large we are enjoying getting back into a place of habit, a place of predictability, a place of daily rhythm.

I resist the new habits just as my little ones do, wanting to sleep a bit later, linger over coffee, put the brakes on the day beginning, that sort of thing.  But the truth is, while that feels nice and cozy in the morning, a whole day of languishing about leaves a bad taste in my mouth come suppertime.

So I'm back to my meal planning and grocery lists, my 2 loads of laundry per day and keeping an accurate calendar (ahem...).  And they are back to check lists of their own, buddy systems and delayed gratification and a Mama who is being a bit more firm than perhaps they'd like.  Boundaries feel good for all of us, even those of us who resist them the most.

The day is woven along, bigs and littles and me altogether.  Peter playing quietly, Jonah bringing book after book to me to read, me folding laundry or knitting while being on hand to answer whatever questions blow up.  Sometimes it feels impossible, when all three bigs need help, the baby wants to nurse and the 3 year old is requiring some attention.  It's then that I have to take a deep breath and remember that this doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to get done to the best of my abilities.

As far as curriculum, I'm doing my usual hodge podge of curricula that seems to fit us just right for now.  Story of the World for History, Horizons Math for the girls and Singapore for Ben, A Reason for Handwriting for all three.  Ben is reading up on Greek Heroes and writing a paragraph every day on what he's learned.  The girls do Reading Eggs and Alphaphonics and read me stories.  I ordered Daily Grams for Ben and Dinah, a grammar curriculum, and Apples Daily Spelling Drills for Ben, who resists spelling like the plague (for the girls, I use their phonics text and pull words out of there for spelling.)  Science for all three will be taken at our homeschool co op.

For Bible, we are reading through Paul's letters, starting with Ephesians, and Proverbs each day at lunch.  I must admit, it is my favorite time of day, the beginning where we are all still a bit bleary eyed, sitting around the living room, each with a bible on our lap.  Ben and I mostly do the readings, with Dinah giving it a try here and there.  We do daily prayers then, too - Our Father and Glory Be, daily intentions.  The perfect start to the day.

So although our days, like anyone's, contain their share of struggle and squabbles, the shifting and grasping that happens in any home with children beginning to spread their wings, it feels right.  Centered, somehow.

Yes, I'm liking this New Year and our homeschooling rhythm.

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  1. Looking for and praying for a good rhythm here too. I appreciate you sharing yours. It is inspiration.

    1. Believe me, juggling all of these personalities and attitudes can be very taxing! But keeping my focus on the bigger picture helps so much!


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