Tuesday, March 5, 2013

::Good Things::

I stood in the grocery store, holding a can of coffee, when the realization jumped right out at me.  A grocery budget that allows me to buy coffee is a luxury.  Coffee is a privilege.

Not many of us think of ourselves as privileged.  We have mortgages or rent, bills to pay, cheap vacations (if any at all) and worries enough to keep us busy.  But we are.  The daily cup of coffee in my hand is proof of that.

After a day of not feeling well and taking care of 5 little ones under the weather too, I needed that reminder.  The reminder of the good things, the privileges, the luxuries.  There are so many, I just need to look closer to see them.

:: Love notes from my daughter, illustrated with pictures of "the new baby."  So much love.

:: The jolliest baby/toddler in the world.

:: Daily bible readings and prayer time, short and sweet and the perfect start to every day.

:: Cozy flannel quilts and riveting read alouds.

::The angle of the sun pouring in the window, a reminder that, despite the snow on the ground, Spring is surely on her way

::Left over cake for breakfast, paired perfectly with coffee.

:: Classical music streaming from my computer into our day.

:: Stacks of cloth diapers on loan from a friend, fresh from the laundry and ready for baby, whenever she graces us with her presence.

:: Husband hard at work, doing the ballet pick up and basketball drop off with so much grace and no complaining.  An excellent partner in life.

Even on these hard days, days where I am barely dragging along, I can see that this life is not mine because it's deserved or earned.  It's mine because of His great love and mercy.  And even on the hard days, sunshine streaming in is pure gift.

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  1. You know what else is pure privilege? This world of the Interwebs that allows us to connect with kindred spirits, even from the cozy of our own kitchens (albeit while the toddler pours milk on his head while I type this). Whenever your posts pop up in my Google reader, I know I will be nourished by whatever you share here. Thank you!

    1. My toddler was covered in the yogurt that some sibling left unattended for a hot second. Yes, our online connections are a privilege, and one I'm so blessed by every day! Thank you, Laura!

  2. This post made me soooo happy today. Yes, sometimes we forget in the day to day how many luxuries we have.

    Hope your household is up and running and feeling well soon.

  3. I think one of your gifts, Lydia, is seeing God right in your every day. Or maybe its something HE worked in you, none the less, I so need this reminder. Thank you once again for a bared heart full of truth and grace

  4. I'm reading One Thousand Gifts for the third time and trying ever so hard to remember the simple things are gifts. The sunshine we had today and the big fat robin relaxing on our deck give me spring hope!


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