Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Week {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

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After a 60 + degree day last Sunday, I put away all the snow boots and pants, matched gloves and mittens and stored them away, thrilled with the prospect of reclaiming my kitchen from this sort of thing: 

Although the alternative of mud-caked rainboots is hardly preferable, at least they can be kept outside.

Then on Wednesday we woke to this:

Not exactly what I was hoping for, yearning as I am for Spring, but much prettier than the brown, muddy, soggy alternative.  It's melted now, of course, but it was so very pretty while it lasted.


A month or so back, I ordered this map from Amazon.  When it came, I realized I had no way of hanging it and promptly shoved it under my bed until such a time that I remembered to buy the right hanging equipment and get it done.  Last weekend I managed to remember, and had my husband set it up.  Living in our little home means that our rooms are multi-purpose.  Our dining room doubles as a school room, sewing room, laundry room and office.  Instead of resisting that, I've been trying to embrace it a bit more.  And, honestly, a map isn't an unattractive alternative to wall art.  It has already lead to lots of conversations with the kids about various world conflicts and issues, and I have to say I love walking by and seeing a kid staring intently at it randomly throughout the day.  Next up, for my dining room/sewing room/laundry room/ office, I'd like to find a nice laminated version of the Apostles Creed.  Or maybe I should just embroider one.


Nesting has overtaken me and I am helpless but to obey.  Yesterday saw me matching socks with a desperate, manic look in my eye.  That was after I swept, dust mopped and vacuumed my bedroom and shrieked whenever a child tried to set a foot in my room, convinced they'd get it dirty.  My head knows it's crazy - this baby isn't Phil the Groundhog, if she comes out and sees a bit of dust or a sibling running around in mismatched socks, I won't have 6 more weeks of pregnancy.  Still, nesting hormones know no logic.  They only serve as a lens to show you how much dirt, real or imagined, is in your home.  So although a rouge crayon currently makes my eye twitch (and in a small home with lots of inhabitants, this happens very, very frequently), I know intellectually that it won't make a lick of difference, and baby will probably be born on the messiest day yet.


We've begun our birthday celebrations, starting with Fiona's last weekend at our normal weekly "Family Dinner" with my parents.  Her birthday isn't until the 16th but we realized that we could a)have all 3 March birthdays celebrated by Palm Sunday and b) leave streamers up from week to week if we turned our Sunday dinners into makeshift birthday parties as well.  So far, so good.  As a result, however, we've been eating, um, cake.  Quite a bit of it.  And that was only the very first party, so there will be more cake in the near future.  Peter doesn't seem to mind, especially when it doubles as breakfast.

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  1. What a lovely post. I love the map. I have gone through several, and the large wall maps have always fallen apart, I mean been torn down by little hands. Recently I just ordered the inexpensive map place mats and I think they are the best yet! They don't take up too much space, they're indestructible, wipe clean, and function for place mats or play doh mats too. :)


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