Friday, April 12, 2013

29 Years

It's after midnight on April 12, and I enter the final year of my 20's with my 6th baby in my lap, scrolling through the years in photographs.  Time and memories flash before my eyes and I'm wondering how to put it into words, the view from here.

28 years have come and gone and although I often feel like I never grew much past age 18, it's the last 10 years that have defined me most of all.  I realize it, stopping briefly on a picture of me, cradling my firstborn at the tender age of 19.  The truth is, my life began when it became about more than just me.

It was then that, after searching and wondering and seeing life as one big question mark, that I found it: purpose.  And once I did, life began.  My life's purpose is to love and serve others, and to raise my family to do the same.

At 29, by many standards, I don't have much to show for myself.  I don't own a home or my own car.  I still haven't finished school, and I've barely started that book I've been meaning to write.  I don't have a high paying career, or even the thought of beginning one.  My days are spent sweeping, reading, cleaning, creating, cooking, praying.  In a world that values self promotion, there's simply not much here.

But I go to bed each night and pinch myself at just how wonderful this life is - and how blessed I've been.  Through giving myself away each and every day, I've discovered a secret: When  life became less and less about me, it became more.

I'll spend this next year much as I have the last ten, with a prayer to be a blessing to those I meet along the path God has for me.  And the joy of knowing that giving love away merely makes it return, abundantly more than I could have ever imagined.

{Celebrating my birthday today the way I know best, by being with the people I love the very most.  Thank you for being such a blessing in me life, through reading this blog and encouraging me in all the ways that you do!}

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  1. This is a beautiful post - and a real tribute to the amazing gifts that have been given to you, my friend. Have a most wonderful birthday today and every day.

  2. I've been meaning to comment on the last oh, half dozen posts but- as I'm sure you can relate- baby hinders my typing, but he's playing on the floor just now so I'll seize the opportunity to say Happy Birthday! Heres to a day of children with good attitudes, cheerful hearts, and a little extra rest for their busy Mama : )

    Rosie is such a pretty baby, enjoy those snuggles and sweet baby smells! (that third picture down is precious)

    Blessed are you!


  3. Happy birthday! May this next year give you more of an understanding of The Father's amazing love for you! Enjoy your family today, and that precious new baby!

  4. Beautiful post! Hope that you have a wonderful birthday. You are most blessed! :-)

  5. Have a special day, doing what you so enjoy... even if that includes a nap.

  6. Happiest of days to you! What a blessing your life has been to others, especially to those closest to you, but also to those of us who are blessed by your words and wisdom here. You have much, much to show for your years on this spinning ball.

  7. A happy birthday to you!
    You are wiser then you give yourself credit for being. Though you may not have a "degree" you have very accurately summed up what a mothers life should be about. The joy you have in serving was a real blessing to me.

  8. New to your blog - but really enjoy following along! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday - with 6 children! I struggled - and was in my early 40's before we were able to adopt our son - and while he is a blessing, I often wonder what it would have been like with a fuller home! But that being said - the "fullness" of the home is the love that is expressed - so I guess your thoughts today really hit home with me! Have a wonderful, special day!

  9. A very happy birthday! So many blessings in your life. Grateful to be along to read about the joys & challenges you face with so much grace.

  10. I so enjoy reading your beautiful thoughts! Yesterday I turned 38, and wrote a similar (or not) reflection. You are an amazing woman and it has enriched my life to have come across the place for your ponderings. Thank you, and happy, happy birthday!

  11. This is beautiful. Wishing you the happiest of days and a year ahead filled with many good things. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! What beautiful thoughts!

  13. Happy Birthday!! I love this reflection...but you are so wrong abut not having anything to show for your 29 years. Six children is a beautiful thing to have to "show" for your 29 years on earth.



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