Wednesday, April 10, 2013

These Update

Rosie has been with us a week as of yesterday, and things are going well!  Jason returned to work on Monday, so we are slowly getting back into our groove.  Spring has sprung and we're out in it as much as possible, picking the wild blue flowers that appear each year, playing kickball, swinging, and generally just playing around.  Today is all thunderstorms, so we're doing indoor things - puzzles and games and a little bit of kindle-ing, after spending the morning with friends.  We're still on a school break - a friend cautioned me against trying to start school on my first day without Jason post partum, and I'm so glad I took that advice!

In Rosemary news, she returned to birth weight by day 4, so it seems that this tandem nursing thing is working out just fine.  I'll be writing more about it later, but so far?  I'm very happy I chose to keep on with Peter.  It just feels right for us, at this time, with these kids. Rosie has a slight sub-conjunctive hemorrhage in her eyes that shouldn't cause any harm, but I'm looking forward to it clearing up.  So far she likes to sleep only when in my arms or, as a substitute, in the wrap, so suffice it to say she is with me 24 hours a day.  The fourth trimester, as they call it, in full swing.  We're both enjoying it so very much.

Friends and family continue to bless us in the ways that they can, and it all makes me feel so alive, so human, so centered in this space in time, in this community.  Life is springing forth all around us, new life here in my arms and the gifts, they just keep raining on down.

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  1. Your baby is just beautiful, I could just sit for hours and hold her. That is if I lived closer.
    Take care,

  2. Thank you for sharing- I am so happy for your family. She really is made from the same cookie cutter as the rest huh? Big gorgeous eyes and cute as a button.
    I'm glad tandem nursing is going well so far! I've tandem nursed twice so far and really found it very hard. Yet, if God blesses us with another bub, I am still so desirous of making it work somehow if my current baby is still little and willing.

  3. I'm so happy for you. She's beautiful!

  4. Glad to hear all is well. Rosie is beautiful.


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