Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gratitude Sunday

My dear friend Amy has recently begun a link up for Gratitude Sunday, a practice that I very much need to get back into.  There is so much to be thankful for in this life of ours, and joy comes from looking around and noticing how blessed we are.  Please consider joining in the fun - you may just find that in counting down those many blessings you become even more blessed.

For today,

So thankful for those who read, who comment, who email and who mention these writings of mine.  I know that this internet world is a big place, and I am humbled that you stumbled upon me and take the time to look around.  It's no small thing that you do - it means the world to me.  Thankful, then, for all of you.

I'm thankful for that messy, weed-infested yard of mine.  So much work to be done, some days it makes me want to bury my face in my hands and cry.  But then I hear Peter conversing with ants over there on that rock and I find myself offering up gratitude for this patch of dirt and grass.  A place, all ours, for our kids to begin their conversations with nature.

I'm thankful for my Mom, ready and willing to help in all situations, helping my Dinah with her reading.  It's a huge undertaking, the unlocking of a lifelong passion in a young person.  I'm thrilled that when I asked, she answered with a resounding "YES!"

I'm thankful for the safe and happy arrival of my newest love, Lyriel Joy, to my dearest childhood friend.  From the top of her sweet fuzzy head, past the dimple that stole my heart and right to the soles of these silk-smooth little feet, she is perfection.  Sometimes I look at 19 years of friendship and the beautiful things that have come about along the way, and wonder that God should be so good to us.  10 beautiful children.  What a breathtaking miracle!

I'm thankful for the friends who inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and aim for my dreams.  For those who inspired and encouraged me to start daily prayers and bible readings with my little ones.  For those who nudge me to throw of my discomfort and humbly learn the art of hospitality.  For all those who encourage me to keep growing in all the areas I need to grow, I'm so truly thankful.

For these late Spring days, the sun and the warmth and the plentiful moments spent exploring the world with the people I love the very most, as if it were the first time we'd ever encountered it.

For this Sunday, and every day! I am exceedingly grateful.

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  1. you look lovely. and surrounded by such beautiful children!

  2. Thank you! My daughter asked to take a few pictures, and I am trying to say yes to her more...these are the result.

  3. very cute pictures, and that baby oh my goodness she is so precious... and so perfect, you are so blessed.

  4. Looking forward to more pictures. Beautiful family and especially Dinah in her ballet outfit. I know she performed well. Blessing to all. Love you all G/Nan and Paw

  5. Lydia, you bless me so much. Yours is nearly the only blog I read. I have virtually cut myself off of the internet and all the swirl of info and ideas as it clutters my mind and causes me to lose my focus. With four little ones 8 years to 7 mos. I find it is all I can do to just manage. ( I cannot multi process very well ;) Anyway, you offer such encouragement in the journey of motherhood. I know it must be a sacrifice for you to take the time to do it but I am so thankful that you do! I don't comment much these days as I usually just take a fast moment to check email and always to read what you have had to say. I hope you know though that you are a real blessing to this mama.
    You are a beautiful mother. Your children glow with peace and security. You are doing a fantastic job! In the spirit of your gratitude post, I have to say heartily...I am filled with gratitude for the blessing your ministry to mothers has had on me. Thank you so much.

  6. Rebecca, thank you so much for your comment! It blessed me so much on a hot day where I'm feeling quite a bit discouraged myself. Thank you!


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