Thursday, May 23, 2013


We found a nest out back, likely knocked out of a tree by a dastardly blue jay (I've seen many, we must have a large family of them nearby).  The occupants of the nest did not survive the fall, and the kids buried them under the tree that their nest once resided in.  Once the somber mood of the occasion passed, reassuring words spoken to calm little fears ("Why would he do that, Mama?  There were babies in there!"),  interest got the better of us and we all took turns examining the nest.  Grown as I am, with many nest-findings under my belt, I can't help but marvel at these amazing creations.  Homes built, a new one each year, by expectant parents.  Fresh from my own recent nesting experience, I feel an odd sense of camaraderie with these little feathered parents.  The workmanship on this tiny home is just so amazing to me - and the inbred knowledge of how and when and where to build an amazing testimony to the greatness of creation.  Each twig placed with precision, the inside thickly insulated with mud, it is a snug little home, perfect for raising babies in.  It must have taken weeks of full time work to create such a masterpiece.

Just a little bit of magnificence in our backyard.  Every day, a new adventure - with new opportunities to learn.

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  1. So sorry about the birds, we actually found a little baby on the ground the other day, not sure if it fell from the nest, if mama throw it out or if a predator dropped it. We buried it too.

    We have a large collection of nests, we search them out in the fall and try to guess which bird built them. They are so amazing and they never cease to amaze me.

  2. Oh it sounds darling! I will look for it!

  3. We just had several baby birds fall out of a nest too. Fortunately, my husband found them before our little girls did, since we just had to put one of our dogs down and I think more animal deaths might have just been a bit too tragic just now! I love nests for all the reasons you described; they are such works of art and love by creatures just doing what they were created to do. I want my home-making to be just as natural and beautiful!


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