Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gathering Thoughts

This blog is many things, but streamlined is one thing it's not.  Perhaps you've noticed that?  Between Mindful Mothering Mondays and random crafting posts, a little bit of real life sometimes needs to be gathered up and put out there.  The experts say you should have a clear vision for your blog, something that you can say it is about.  I suppose this blog is really about what is going on in my head at any given time - the random mishmash left after 6 pregnancies have effectively stolen my brain.

So today, a little gathering of thoughts that are so random they are driving me crazy.  I'm thinking of

::Preparing:: For my oldest to leave for camp next week.  Yesterday we took him into the pediatrician with a case of strep throat, poor kid.  Thankfully his antibiotics will render him non-contagious 24 hours after starting treatment and he will be good to get on the camp bus by next Tuesday.  My husband bemoaned the tragic loss of all of his "good" gut bacteria to the army of penicillin marching into battle, but I'm feeling downright grateful for this particular bit of modern medicine at the moment.  I'm finding it hard to focus on getting him packed, so I finally made a little check list and will hopefully be getting that all wrapped up by the weekend.  Sending my oldest away for a week is always a little bittersweet.  I love that he is making wonderful camp memories, learning our faith, making friends and enjoying the outdoors.  I hate that he is away from us.  At least this year, he won't be missing the arrival of a sibling...

::Saving:: Money, that is, with cloth diapering.  I know there are many schools of thought on whether or not cloth diapering actually saves money but goodness, once you use diapers often enough on more than one child that you were given used to begin with, I can practically hear the money I'm not spending stacking up.  Peter still wears disposables quite a bit, but it is so easy to switch our one size covers and prefolds between the two sizes that I'm finding myself putting him in them more and more.  And I figure every time I don't use a disposable and instead use a gifted prefold - I'm saving.  (My favorite system, after years of trying out every possible style? Flips Snap One Size covers and a plain old cotton prefold.  Perfection!)

::Praying:: For Dwija and her baby.  I shared her story with a friend who asked, "Now, how do you know this person?" I always struggle to explain the connection I feel with people I have "met" online.  Perhaps it won't always be this way, but particularly with those who were not raised in the internet age, it seems hard to explain how one can have a kinship such as this through a screen.  Still, I call them (and you!) friends.  Because that's what you are.  And today, I'm praying for my friend (yes! Friend!)  Dwija and her beloved little one.

::Planning:: Next year's curriculum.  I'm not great at being organized with such things, but I really do want to make a good attempt at it this year. With students in the fifth, third and second grades, I'm feeling a bit more pressure.  Good pressure, but pressure all the same.  I have most things decided on, but can someone point me to a good writing program?  I'd love to hear any and all suggestions.

::Hoping:: to get the kids to a little stream area I know of at some point this week.  I've been longing to toss a quilt on the ground somewhere and snuggle a baby while my kids run around, explore and maybe get a bit wet.  Hopefully one of these days we will have decent weather and I'll be organized enough to get the crew out the door!

::Picking:: Berries.  It's strawberry season again and the blueberries will be right along after.  This year I am thinking of freezing them all and then doing a big day of canning later on (preferably on some unseasonably cool day in July.  It could happen, right?).  Last year, the kids really preferred the blueberry jam.  It was first off the shelves, and we ran out quickly.  I'm hoping we get a good haul this year so I can make enough to get us through the year.

::Ordering:: some new yarn for an upcoming out of town weekend.  Since making Rosie's Rios dress, I've fallen head over heels into sock-weight yarn for sweaters.  Well, at least for very tiny sweaters.  Hoping to make a good start - but so much of my knitting time these days depends on the temperament of a certain little sweetie.

::Thanking:: God for some really wonderful days with Rosemary.  After writing my post about colic, she has really come around.  She still has a tough time around dinner time each night (really, who doesn't?), but during the day she is all smiles and charm.  Ahh, such a sweet little lady.

::Reminding:: myself to smile and show my joy and love to my family each and every day.  I can get so wrapped up in the to do's of life that I can come off quite a bit stressed and irritable at times.  These days, it's my greatest regret.  Reclaiming the joy and hoping to spread the contagion on to all I meet.

::Thinking:: I need a couple more basil plants for my garden.  I only planted two, and one seems to be doing pretty poorly.

Those are my garbled thoughts these days.  What's going on in your head?

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