Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getaways and Knitting {Yarn Along}

Yesterday morning, Ben walked down to the corner store to buy some gatorade for the long bus ride to camp.  His nervous energy drove me crazy until it was time to go - he was practically pacing in anticipation.  And then, all of the sudden, it was time.  Siblings gathered around for goodbyes and I got one of those precious (almost) 10 year old boy hugs...the kind that want to remain a bit aloof for decorum sake, but secretly want to hold on just a bit tighter.

My sister drove him to the bus stop and snapped a quick photo before it left.  It's amazing how just one quick picture can really say it all - just this boy, this summer, on his way to camp to swim and play and shoot bbs and learn about God.  

Here at home, I'm getting ready for a trip of my own - a weekend getaway with some friends for a birthday celebration.  Of course, the most important thing to pack came yesterday, in the mail - yarn for some projects I hope to get started on.  I bought more stroll tonal for a sweater and dress for Rosemary in Thunderhead and Goldrush, and some rainbow chroma worsted to knit into some for-sale items.  I waited to buy more stroll until I had washed Rosie's dress a few times to see how it held up.  I was very happy with how this yarn held up, it's so soft and pretty affordable as fingering weight goes.  Anyway, plenty of yarn to play with on my weekend "off" from my normal responsibilities.

Dinah said it best when she said "I miss him already" as the van pulled away.  I'm already there, too - although I am incredibly grateful for his chance to get away for a bit and stretch his little fledgling wings, hand off the mantel of oldest sibling responsibility for awhile and simply have fun. I know how it feels to need some space.  Just a few short days, and then back into the fray of living and loving in this big crazy family.  Praying that both our trips go smoothly and we're all back here next Monday, reunited under one roof.

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  1. So exciting to be going off to camp - I wish there were similar opportunities for kids over here in the UK.
    Enjoy your trip - your yarn looks lovely :)

  2. camp! wonderful.
    i live chroma, it is such a happy yarn. :)

  3. Camp! What special memories he will make there!
    Beautiful yarn...I look forward to seeing what you make with it :)

  4. How wonderful to be going off to camp. Enjoy your weekend away too!

  5. I love that rainbow yarn.
    I hope your boy has a wonderful time at camp!

  6. hope he has a wonderful time! I loved camp as a kid! :)


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