Friday, June 21, 2013

Off We Go!

I never thought I would be the mama who "needs" a get away to get her head back on straight but goodness, I've been so looking forward to this weekend!  We came up with the idea a few years ago - to take a short trip each time one of us turns 30.  Nothing big or expensive, just a little get away in the midst of these crazy lives of ours to really connect, breathe, and celebrate our friendship.  Just a few Mamas and nursing babies, finally having time to sit, put feet up and sip a glass of wine.  Time to complete a thought without incessant interruptions.  Time to recuperate and rest up to get back into the work of life.

It's good for the husbands, too, I think, to over for Mama for a weekend. A chance to glimpse just for a bit what the job really takes.  A chance to appreciate the sacrifices a spouse makes.  And, of course, a chance to connect with the children as the sole caregiver.  I just know they will all have a wonderful time!

Yes, we're all getting good things out of this weekend.

So I've packed a small suitcase, gathered yarn and needles and printed off some patterns.  I'm looking forward (yes!) to a long car ride with my best friend from childhood, where we can talk and bond like we never get to these days.  A weekend of real rest.  It's almost too good to be true.

Want to follow along?  I've finally relented and have broken into the world of smart phones (eek!) although I've got a sneaky suspicion the phone might actually be smarter than me (I have no idea how to work it...).  All this to say, you can now find me on instagram where I hope to be sharing a little bit of the weekend here and there.

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