Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Year, Gardening

Any year that there is a new baby in the family, I give myself a free pass on "extras."  Things like our backyard garden just cannot be priority when babycare is taking center stage.  This year that rang doubly true when our little Rose-bud turned out to be on the colicky side, and it was all I could do to dash around and get basics done before she noticed I was gone and wailed again.

So this year, I threw some plants in the ground truly at random, with no plan.  I only planted a third of my available garden boxes. With my free time being at such a precious premium and the experience of our previous year's disappointment with groundhogs eating everything we had, I kept myself emotionally distanced from it all.

But just as Rosie's colic seems to be giving way to smiles and so many joyful giggles and I am feeling my world open up, I'm noticing that things seem to be going well out there despite my inattention.  The tomato plants I dubiously tucked in the ground are bigger this year than ever before.  The potatoes Fiona and I haphazardly planted in a rush a few weeks ago are shooting up like anything.  And, perhaps my very favorite thing, the perennial herbs are lush and lavish and making everything taste just so much better.

As is normal with me, I'm already thinking about next year.  What I'll do differently, and what I'll do the same.  My girl will be just over a year then, and most likely quite content to be toddling about in the garden.  For now, we'll take our morning walk and weave our way through the garden boxes on the way back, admiring the things that seem to just happen when you aren't paying attention.

It can be easy to think I need to do it all at once, and do it all well.  The truth is so very different.  There will be more summers, more gardens.  Summers when babies don't demand my time, I'll be more committed, more organized.  I wouldn't trade these days with her for the most lavish garden in the world - because maybe, in the raising of this little Rose, I'm doing just that.  Giving her room and time to grow, lots of nurturing and sunshine, working their magic.  Gardening my baby right up.

So this summer, I'll take a pass on the super-mom guilt, and do well the one thing I need to, today, right now.  Watching her bloom, I'm doing just fine.

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  1. Perfectly said. I love it. I needed the reminder.


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