Monday, July 22, 2013

Finding Humor {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

I balanced the baby on my knee and jiggled her up and down, looking at that blinking cursor on the blank screen and wondering just what I should write about today.  At first I didn't notice it, that little rumble in her tummy, and the warm, moist feeling on my leg a moment later.  And then, well...

It was all over my jeans.  I carried her gingerly and gathered supplies - wipes, a new diaper and the mat, trying my best to avoid really holding her while, of course, holding her.  It's then that I noticed some on my shoe.  I spread out the mat with one hand and tried to lay her down.  "Ew, Mom, it's on your shirt."  Yes, yes, so it was.  I pulled off her (drenched) ruffly diaper cover and thought about how our washer is currently broken and, between the two of us, we had at least a small load of laundry right there that needed doing immediately.  Next came her diaper and I noticed I had it on my wrist, and that the dress she was wearing was a handknit, and therefore a hand-wash item.  I pulled the rest of her clothes and gave her a full on wipe-bath just as my 4 year old, who was observing, said "Hey Mom.  I'm hungry. Can you make me a peanut butter sandwich?"

The corner of my mouth twitched.  I couldn't help it.  I cracked a smile.  I nodded to the four year old, who was now tickling his gurgling baby sister under her chin, and I gathered up the diaper and the 300+ wipes I had used and stood slowly up.  Looked down at myself.  And laughed.

It's funny, right?  How these things happen.  Of course it's on the day that the clothes washer is on the fritz, right after she's had a bath and on the one hand wash-only garment she owns.  Of course it's on the jeans I just laundered at my mom's house, on my shoe, on my shirt - everywhere.  And of course my darling little boy, watching me literally up to my neck in the stuff, asks nonchalantly for something to eat - completely oblivious to the timing of his question.

Mothering requires a sense of humor.  Mine can sometimes be hard to find, I'll admit it.  When everything seems to  go wrong, I can get downright angry.  This weekend, our car was acting up.  Our washer filled with water and decided to just stop.  We got the car fixed up enough to go to church on Sunday, just to find that my Dad's car that had the baby car seat in it had already gone to church with my sister - leaving us stranded again, wearing church clothes.  I'll admit that my attitude during all of these hiccups was anything but gracious.  Anything but pleasant.  With every new wrench tossed in my way, I became more and more overwhelmed, and more and more unable to cope.

When I give into irritation at every little thing, I miss out on the laughter.  I miss out on the joy of a shrug and a smile when everything that could go wrong - does.  I miss out on the opportunity to show my ever-watching little ones that life is anything but predictable, but that doesn't mean it has to be miserable.  It can be happy, humorous, hilarious!

I get it all cleaned up.  I find something new to wear and fill (fill!) a laundry basket to lug over to my mom's for a quick wash.  I make Jonah that PB&J and sit down on the couch with my baby in nothing but a diaper and my 2 little guys.  And we laugh.  And it makes all the difference.


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  1. I really love this! So many days I get angry when I could just laugh it off. And wouldn't my little ones be so much happier if I did? Thanks for writing this today!


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