Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In the August Garden

Oh, Gardening.  I honestly don't know a darn thing about it.  Thank goodness that plants want to grow, as a friend of mine put it.  I really just put things in the ground and hope something happens.  That's about the extent of my gardening prowess.

This year has been a good one.  From what I can see, we haven't had garden pests.  No bad bugs, no pesky groundhogs.  In fact, the most exasperating part has been my toddler picking tomatoes slightly before they are ready.  But really, this garden is for them, anyway.

We were out in it this morning, the boys and I, and while Rosemary fell asleep in her swing, we watered. Jonah was telling me how the peppers in our garden look just like the ones in the grocery store.  I asked him where the peppers in the grocery store came from, anyway?  "A plant, Mom.  Just like this one."  Gardening with kids is one of the ways I am constantly reminded that learning is a year 'round pursuit, and gives me a bit of reassurance.  Our kids are blessed with biology lessons all around.  From Mama having a new baby and watching that baby grow as babies do, to planting seeds and watching the flowers bloom and the bees pollinate and, before long, the fruit of the plant right there on their plates.  A truly organic education, and one they won't soon forget.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole deal is spending time with my kids outside.  Talking to them about nature and growth and seasons and life.

August has never been my favorite month of the year, but this year it is certainly close.  Our weather has been summer perfection - low 80s during the day, nice and cool in the evening.  Still warm enough to jump in a pool, but cool enough for me to cook and bake without making the house unbearable.  Which is good, because tomatoes and homemade pesto just taste better on homemade bread.  With the older two out of town last week, and the oldest again this week, home feels easier, too.  Quieter, in a way - reminding me of what life was like when there were just littles here.  A golden little time, here at the end of the summer, to enjoy my littles and our little home and garden.

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  1. I don't know a thing about gardening, except that I love it, and I can't wait to put plants in the ground next year. :) I'll be so excited when I have kids old enough to appreciate being outside and watching things grow. What are those beautiful purple flowers?

  2. I always get excited about "next year's garden" before the season is over, too! The flowers are morning glories. I have no idea where they came from - just some happy little volunteers that I very nearly tore out, thinking they were weeds. The trick is to be out in the morning, when their little faces are still wide open. So pretty! I'd like to plant some climbing here and there next year, but there's something so fun about them just sprouting up, unanticipated!


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