Monday, September 16, 2013

Beyond the Last Straw {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

He split open his head in June and needed stitches.  He fell in July and had a concussion.  In August, he seemed to take it easy, and I was lulled into a false sense of security. In September, he fractured his wrist.

"Ben was chasing me and we were playing and I ran down the slide and fell and face-planted!" he sobbed, tears cutting rivers in the grime on his face as I cleaned blood and dirt out of his mouth.  "I smacked my hand on a chair, too!"  Within minutes, my sister and law and friend, who are nurses, checked him out.  My brother, too, a resident at our local hospital.  Probably a sprain, just see how he does overnight.  They get my brand of less-is-more parenting, and I'm grateful for that.  But he woke in the night crying, and the next morning I called the pediatrician.  His xray came back and I got the call at 6 pm on a Friday - fractured wrist.  Keep it immobile and we can wait to cast it til Monday.  Try to keep him from making it worse.

 Have they met my 4 year old?

Later that night, my daughter told me her tooth felt funny, that one we had filled in the Spring and sure enough - an abscess.  And I'm ready to cry "uncle."

Some days it is downright easy to choose joy.  The kids play nicely, the sunlight flickers gaily, that bread smell amazing and my husband is home from work early.  And then others,'s a fight, a full on battle to the death to find it.  I can deal with disappointment and anxiety, I can brush these things aside but discouragement seems hell bent on ravaging me and at this rate, well, it seems to be winning.  The truth is, I'm tired.  Putting out fire after fire in daily life has me about at capacity.  Anything more would require something else.  Something more.

I remember that Joy isn't the same thing as relaxation, or even happiness.  Joy is the security of knowing God is all good.  That I can trust that.  That what He allows in my life will not be faced alone.  Joy is calling it as I see it - Grace.  And it's no small miracle that the God of rainbow promises and newborn baby skin is also the God of wrist fractures.  Tooth abscesses.  Tired Moms and doctor visits with 6 kids in tow.  Sibling arguments that break out before I'm fully caffeinated.  To me, it might be the last straw.  To Him, just another thing He can use to draw me closer.  And you know what?  It works.

I pray my way through the day once again, picking up that old habit and holding it close.  I make the sign of the cross on little foreheads before bedtime.  I touch doorposts and pray protection over this house and it's inhabitants.  I don't know what comes next, but I'll be ready for whatever it is - claiming the Joy and security of knowing Who is on my side.


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  1. Accident prone here. I like to say if I can get them to adulthood, I will be doing good. :) Each day is by the Grace of God alone. And, I too get the less is more parenting. If you shield them from all possible danger, they can never become who they are! A childhood unscathed is not much of one at all. Just think, these will make great stories one day and will bring many chuckles to your grandkids. ;)

  2. Oh no! Hope he is okay. And hugs to you mama.


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