Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And So It Begins...{Yarn Along}

Christmas knitting, that is.  I've been behind this year - I'll admit it.  The baby still doesn't sleep much unless I'm holding her, and she's of an age where snatching at my knitting needles is hilarious and fun, but not so helpful when trying to make something.  I've been working on a few customs for friends, so that takes most of my limited crafting time.  Still, I've started the Christmas knitting.  In the works first - a sweater for Fiona.

I finished the body and opted to start the hood next, instead of going straight to the sleeves.  My reasoning is I should have enough yarn left over for the sleeves and button band, but if I don't, I can always make this a short sleeved sweater.  If I work the sleeves first and run out, I'd have to frog the sleeves to do the button band and I really don't have time for that, if those on facebook who cheerfully report how long it is until Christmas are to be believed.  The hood is almost done.  I'm taking a break to get a labor-intense custom done next (striped romper for a 3 year old, yikes!), and then hopefully finish this up after that.  I've got plans for a sweater for Peter next, Rosie needs longies and Dinah wanted a quilt, but that just may have to wait until her birthday.  The baby lunging for soft wooden knitting needles is one thing, but putting her fingers near a sewing machine needle?  A different matter entirely.

In reading news, I'm not.  At least, not for myself.  I visited with my Dad the other day and we spent some time in his library, looking for books for the kids.  I came back with some treasures to share with them - Swallows and Amazons for my oldest, and Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories for my littles.  These are such sweet, short little stories.  I remember taking a stack of these (thrifted) storytime books to bed with me as a kid, reading them over and over.  There is a religious/Christian bent to them, just fyi.  Mostly character lessons told in sweet little stories about children.  I read a few to my kids last night and they really liked them.

What are you working on?

Joining in with Ginny today!

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  1. What a beautiful sweater. I'm just starting today - don't feel so bad!

  2. I love the jewel tones of your yarn... beautifuL!

  3. Oh Swallows and Amazons! I love those books, have been thinking about introducing my eldest to them. I need to make my Christmas list- retrieve my needles etc. from summer storage as it's too hot to knit during a Virginia summer! Not touching the sewing machine has been an early lesson for most of my children. I sit back a little farther and use my elbows to keep hands back a little. The first few sessions aren't usually very productive but even a six month old can learn eventually....K


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