Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teething Babes and Link Love

In the midst of preparing for company chaos (it gets worse before it gets better!) and the happy/sad of a teething baby, I don't have much to say, or much time to say it.  Instead, some links I've been enjoying this week.

This article on High Reactive Temperaments and Secure Attachment was very interesting and helpful to me.

I know there have been many incarnations of this type of thing, but does it ever get old to see the creative minds of Moms and Dads playing with their babies?  I think not.

This from Ann.  "Don't belittle everyday pots and pans - they are the means for carrying theology into every day of our lives."

This video about my former youth pastor and friend, Byron, diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer - and the hope he has.

This piece from on parenting choices.  " Nobody else has walked the exact same path as I have, and nobody else has the exact same passions and concerns as a result of the experiences I’ve had. I’m just trying to raise my child the best way I know how, and I bet that every other parent is doing the same."

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the Beattitudes Workshop.  Friends of mine who have taken a vow of poverty and are creating beautiful things down in North Carolina at extremely affordable prices.  From their website:

"Taking inspiration from the simple, elegant lines of medieval monastery furniture and rustic, functional frontier type furniture, my vision is to provide the solid, durable hand crafted quality of those kinds of pieces to family homes at the best prices available. We are raising a large family and we well know the needs that go into providing a space for many different childrens' clothes and bed space and dining space and food preparation space. I want to provide those kinds of pieces to help your home become as efficient and simple as you want it to be, with tasteful and sturdy furniture design that can fit into any style home.

The challenge with modern handcrafted furniture is most frequently the oppresive cost. This leaves families having to choose between spending thousands of dollars on good quality furniture and leaving them financially drained, or buying low quality factory furniture from China for a few hundred dollars that neither holds up to the rigors of life in a house full of children, nor compliments the form and function of the home. I offer a middle way, with solid and durable hand-crafted furniture at better prices than you can find anywhere…and the flexibility of individually suited payment options. "

Please take a moment to check their site out.  I was flabbergasted at their asking price - and the fact that they deliver!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the link on the wood shop. They're 20 minutes from me!

  2. That baby must be a really good sleeper! Thanks for the link on reactive infants that was helpful to me too. Hope Rosie's teeth come in quickly. We're working on molars for the toddler and a heavy cold for the preschooler here! Enjoy your company....K


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