Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October's End

I love this time of year.  The bright blue skies during the day and the deep, dark blustery nights.  The leaves still aren't all down, but I'm hoping this weekend we can rake and bag most of them.  I still need to get garlic into the ground and spend some time out in that mess of a garden.

We went from a crazy week last week right into another one.  My sister and her boys are in town, so cousin time is coming first, then the manic last minute preparations for Halloween with kids who are both flighty in their decisions and dead certain that unless a costume is authentic, it will never work.  Still, I'm finding space to treasure up some moments.  My boys playing out back with their Uncle Noah.  The two babies, 5 days apart, playing together.  My Mom's warm kitchen on a cold fall night, full of 9 beautiful grandchildren.

All of this is keeping me a bit from knitting (yes, I notice I say that a lot lately.  I have so very much knitting to do and so little time to do it!).  I haven't really touched Fiona's sweater since last week.  I'm mostly working on that knitted romper, moving on now to the 15 inch (you read that right) striped inseam. I made some good progress last night when my husband was down at Trivia Night with friends and Rosie slept in my lap.  My legs fell asleep but I didn't dare move, and instead just knit as fast as I could.  Of course I am not organized enough to have pictures of it yet, so instead I am posting pictures of Rosemary wearing the vest I knit for her before she was born, in yarn I dyed with Koolaid.  I was hoping it would get her through the winter but from the looks of it, she's almost grown out of it.  Which simply means I'll need to make another one.  The vest is my favorite Milo vest pattern with no cabling.  The yarn is purewool.

For today, there are pumpkins to carve and costumes to spray paint and candy to buy and pure fun to take part of.  Good things, all, but with this last push of Fall busy-ness, I'm looking forward to the dark and deep evenings in November, where the only thing I have to do is sit and knit.

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  1. Sweet - that Milo pattern is one of my favorites too. Rosie looks adorable and is getting so big and how fun is it that you dyed the yarn with Kool-Aid? I need to try that sometime. And I keep saying the same thing - too many things keeping me from all the knitting I long to do but winter is coming and that may give me some time especially since the garden will be asleep and that will remove at least several things from my fall days.
    Oh my goodness, I need to get moving, Halloween is TOMORROW and our costumes are unfinished and when are we ever going to carve pumpkins? Guess that'd be today...


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