Friday, November 1, 2013

A Month of Contentment

Happy November!

Last night was so fun - splishing and splashing through the rain to trick or treat with my little ones, I felt a contentment I have not known in a while.  A peace that, now on the feast of All Saints, I'm hoping to carry through.  Walking the neighborhood following my crew of happy and excited kids, everything seemed so...simple.  It's true that it really doesn't take much.  My kids wore costumes comprised of dress up bin finds, one borrowed costume and others fashioned with things we found right here at home.  Upon returning home, my oldest told me it was the best Halloween ever.  So many smiles.  So much laughter.  So simple.  So wonderful.

November has never been my favorite month.  It's the time of year when the reality of a winter housebound becomes more apparent.  It's when holiday anxiety besieges me no matter how hard I try to keep it at bay.  It is the month the kids usually get sick for the first time of the season.  It is cold, but not snowy white, just a brown, barren landscape here in Michigan.  The leaves are gone and we are just waiting on snowflakes.

This November, I hope to keep up with the contentment.  These simple moments and the happy times we can make right here, just as we are.  I know my attitude accounts for so much of the temperature of this home.  It can be warm and comforting or out of sorts and manic, depending largely on me.  The thing is, I can't do that on my own.  It has to come from somewhere, Someone else.  My peace, my security, my contentment is something that needs to be nurtured.  It's important; it matters.  It directly affects so many people.  It has to be my top priority.

Today is blustery cold and so very wet.  In this little home, I'm lighting a candle, putting bread to rise, soup on the stove top.  Starting daily prayer and bible with my kids.  Playing some music and board  games.   Getting organized for the holiday season to come.  In looking forward to the days and weeks to come, I'm anticipating good things.  And feeling so very grateful that I know where and from Whom all good things come.

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