Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time Management

I have to admit, September slipped right by me.  The kids were talking about Halloween costumes and I was brushing it off, thinking we had loads of time.  Two weeks when you have 6 costumes to cobble together from thrift store finds and the dress up closet really isn't that much time.  And where did September go, anyway?

I've been thinking quite a bit about time management lately.  The fog of these past six months with Rosemary has lifted a bit and I know I need to make some changes.  Using my nap-eschewing baby as an excuse has kept me from being organized and intentional about my time, something that is absolutely essential to this home of ours running smoothly.  With the changes this season has brought to our family time, it is now more necessary than ever.

I think I've been waiting for the perfect time to get it all done.  I can be a bit of an all or nothing person when it comes to some things.  If I don't have time today for a complete overhaul of every closet and and drawer, it's not worth my time.  Or something like that.  But with a family made up of so many little ones, and homeschooling at that, I can't afford to think like that.  I have to do what I can, each day.  With the holiday season soon upon us, I will just get more busy - not less.  The only way to make it work is to make mindful choices about each moment.

Of course that includes ample time for snuggles and reading and enjoying my children.  That is, after all, the point, really.  In making more intentional choices about how I spend my time, I hope to find more that I can spend with them, just being together.  Time with my husband is becoming more precious as well, as work and school keeps him away more now than before.  Around the edges, I still need to fit creative time for myself - to sew and knit and write, the things that recharge me and have been largely falling by the wayside.

It's funny to me that somehow being more organized gives me a better flow to my time.  I do not thrive in chaos. I love being laid back and following the natural rhythm of the day.  I know that with just a bit more intention, I can unlock even more of that creative freedom.  Really, that's the key.  Finding the right balance.

I'll start small, with few expectations, and see where it takes us.  I still have that needy baby, after all, and I am so thankful for that.  She's worth every moment I spend on her, and so much more.

How are your rhythms changing this season?

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