Monday, November 11, 2013

Little Things {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

This morning, I woke up to four kids in bed with me, all a-snuggle. The cold weather is definitely here, since this is the first "puppy pile" we've had since last winter.  So many arms and legs, giggles and whispers.  I finally untangled myself and got down to the business of diaper changing and baby feeding.  Dinah took Peter down stairs and a few minutes later I heard the unmistakable sizzle of eggs in the pan.  Just my 8 year old daughter making breakfast for her little brother.

It snowed a little bit last night, sprinkling softly on the bags of leaves that my husband and boys raked up this weekend.  There are still many to do still, but when I pulled in the driveway after a long day on Saturday and saw that man and his three sons wielding rakes and jumping in leaf piles, my heart gave a funny jerk.  These little things, little moments stacking one on top of the next  -  the making of a life's masterpiece.

This  month so many are updating facebook with things they are grateful for. Sometimes I join in, but this year something stopped me.  Perhaps a little bit of shame?  I haven't been very grateful this year.  In fact, thinking ahead to my 30th birthday in a few months, I thought - which year has been the hardest?  And without a second guess, I picked my 29th - this one that I'm only 7 months into!  Really, the biggest reason why it has been the hardest is that somewhere along the way of a difficult year - I let go of gratitude.  Gratitude takes little things and elevates them to what they are - another sweet note in God's love song to us.  How could I just let go of a lifeline like that?  Self pity only drags you deeper into despair; naming God's goodness raises you up.

Life is filled with little things.  A plate of eggs for a toddler.  A husband shouldering his bag and heading to class.  I'm grateful for leaf piles and toddler shrieks.  8 year old mini-Moms and a husband who starts the coffee before I'm out of bed.  A six year old singing up in her bedroom.  Family birthday celebrations and chocolate cake.  My son reading our daily bible passages out loud to the rest of us.  Rocking chairs and quilts, hot chocolate and popcorn.  A four year old's dimples.

Perhaps the best part of gratitude is that you can dive right back in, wherever you are.  However your day is going, whenever you think of it - and be blessed.  Gratitude is the lens through which we can look at the world and see, just there - the fingerprints of the Creator on every little thing.

We're still in pajamas and my coffee sloshes just a little when Peter climbs up on my lap.  "Time for Bible, come on!" Dinah calls up the stairs to her siblings.  Down they come, one after another, Jonah, Fiona, Ben with Rosemary on his hip.  And I have no words, none, for the gratitude that wells up at the sight.  Six children created in the very image of the Almighty jostle to find space on the couch.  I crack open the Bible and we begin.

In every way and everywhere we accept this with all gratitude.
Acts 24:3

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  1. What a good reminder! You write so beautifully, Lyd. <3

  2. It's very easy to let life happen 'at you' ~ I know that feeling. Sometimes you just hang on for dear life. But gratitude changes everything, doesn't it?! xoxo


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