Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Life Wool

The kids are already begging for Christmas music, so I acquiesced quite a bit earlier than I normally would. Those songs I've known since childhood really don't get old, and it's always fun when it's time to pull them out and play them again.

We woke to the first snow of the year on Tuesday morning, which sent kids scrambling to the little dresser in the front hall closet to find mittens and hats.  I went digging in an upstairs cupboard to find a few articles I've been meaning to get to - Peter's baby wool that had been put away in ziplock bags (oh how I wish for a cedar chest!).  Rosemary is just about the right size for that little vest he wore, and a few pair of longies as well.  Before they could be worn, they needed some TLC.  A nice fresh wash and block, some shaving and in some cases a little bit of repair.  I also pulled out some of Rosie's newborn wool to freshen up to bless a new baby soon-to-be born.

That's the thing about handmade.  I'm willing to make the effort to fix it up.  Truth be told, I'm pretty good at getting rid of things.  I love filling bags with donations and setting them on the front porch to be whisked far away where I never have to stumble over them again.  When clothes require repair or even aggressive stain removal, it takes a lot for me to commit to that.   Sewing a button back on a pair of otherwise functional church pants?  Hmm, ok.  Removing a stain on a $3 tee shirt?  Not likely.  I justify it by passing it along to someone who might need it, might be willing to do what it takes to resurrect the item to it's former glory. Time is at a premium, after all, and I have a plethora of things I'd rather spend it on besides scrubbing at stains or stitching up popped seams.

Perhaps that's why fixing up woolens matters to me.  Each article represents not only the little person who wore it before, but the time and care I put into it then.  Selecting a pattern and yarn.  Knitting it together. I'm also so grateful I held onto them because, well, again with the time.  There's just not been much time for knitting these days.  Having some beautiful, warm, high quality natural fiber clothing to put on my baby with the minimal effort of a little bit of upkeep is such a blessing for me this year.  Remembering how Peter looked crawling around in these little trousers gives me great joy as well.  Another year is nearly gone, and it feels good to pull out these little reminders of the past and remember.  My little boy is growing so much and I love him more every day than I ever thought possible.  They are just things, not worth much to anyone but me - but putting them to use to clothe another baby just feels right.  Time is passing right on by and we're just here, marking the days.

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  1. I'm fairly new to knitting...only now are my children (only one a baby) getting hand knit woolens. But I have a feeling I will treat them no different than you. So much care and love go into them from the beginning...combined with their sturdiness. It's legacy. It's something so many kids don't have these and love all passed down for generations to enjoy. I wish I had learned to knit long ago. Even more, I wish I had learned it from a family member instead of YouTube. But I'm so thankful I can give these gifts to my loved ones now. It makes my heart happy.
    Your knits are lovely.

  2. Such beautiful handmade items!!! I am new to knitting and am now working on my very first project, a winter hat for the baby. I'm hoping to have it done for Christmas. I love to sew, though, and have sewn many items for my Littles.

  3. You can buy a box of little cedar balls. They work beautifully and a little sanding resurrects the scent after they have been around awhile.


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