Monday, November 4, 2013

Mama, Interrupted {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" 
 ~Mary Oliver

"Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?"  He's hopping from one foot to the next, back and forth and back and forth.  I'm on the phone.  "Just a minute, Jo.  Mama's on the phone."  He's tapping me now.  "Mom!" "Shhh!" I respond, gesturing him away.  "I'm almost done!"  I try to walk away.  He follows.  "But Mom!"  I frown and shake my head while continuing my conversation.  10 minutes later, I'm done - and he shows me that Peter had dumped half a gallon of milk on the kitchen floor.  Sigh.

Mamas have a lot of practice in being interrupted.  From kids banging on the door when you're showering to tell you of some sibling misdeed to a toddler accident in the middle of the grocery store, we have a unique opportunity to seize life and live it as it presents itself.  The tough thing is, it doesn't always feel like an opportunity.  It frequently feels like an imposition.

When that pregnancy test declares a new person is on their way, before you had planned.  When your morning is interrupted by a phone call from a friend who needs  When the baby wakes up right after you left for the evening and you get called home.  When dinner burns or insurance changes and costs more than you've budgeted.  How will you respond?  How will you live life in the midst of this unexpected event, this interrupted plan?

The easy answer is with grace and joy.  But those things aren't easy.  They are desperately fought for and hard won.  Believe me, I know.  Going off-track unexpectedly is not my strong suit.  I typically respond first with exasperation and annoyance; it takes me a while to find my footing.  Sometimes it feels like I'm doing better - and then some days I feel like I'm back at square one.  Each interruption - a practice in switching gears and following where life leads.  Even if it leads away from where I was headed.

That Mary Oliver quote above is one of my favorites.  The thing is, I can't plan my one life.  I've seen unexpected changes enough times to know that meticulous planning can lead to big disappointments.  I can plan on my response.  How will I live my one life?  I hope to live it graciously and flexibly, looking out on each brand new day and relying on God to lead me through it - the way He would have me live it.  Even if it's not the way I'd planned.  Miraculously, it's often the interruptions that lead us to a richer and more meaningful life - if we learn to respond with grace.

Every day, an opportunity to live life - a life that lives in interruptions.

{It's Mindful Mothering Mondays, a day to take a deep breath and write out your mothering journey, whatever form it takes.  A day to link up for encouragement from others who are in this same phase of life.  A day of writing out the trials and triumphs and what you're learning right where you are, right now. 

You might post recent struggles or thoughts.  Maybe just a picture or a quote.  Or maybe you'll just come here and read the links that others post.  Whatever form your participation takes, this is a day for you.
We are all in this, together.  Together, we can encourage and build one another up, be honest with our shortcomings and strengthened by community to keep fighting the good fight.

I chose Mondays because what Mama doesn't need a little encouragement on a Monday? As such, I'll have the link up ready to go on Sunday night for you to begin submitting your links.

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