Friday, December 20, 2013

A Week in Joy

"To know God is to be so filled with Joy that it bubbles over and goes forth to bless the world."

~Peace Pilgrim

 Last Sunday, we lit the Gaudete candle and slipped into a week of Joy.

Snow flurried all around and each day dawned darker, shorter.  Still, Joy at the center burned brightly.

I prayed for Joy one night and woke up the next morning unable to contain it.  It poured over into my kids.  These days have been a bit crazy ever since.  Each day, more blessings just heaped on.

I'm not done with shopping or wrapping or baking.  My house is not clean and I'm not sure what everyone is wearing Christmas eve. Still...Joy.  It stands in front of me and keeps anxiety and stress at bay and we're all just bathed in the glow.  I smile brighter, laugh louder.  All is fine.  Better than fine. All is right.  All is good.  All is grace.

We bake cupcakes and the kids get more frosting on the table than on baked goods.  They suit up and go out and bring a yard-full of snow with them on their boots, spilling water all over the kitchen.  Popcorn is all over the floor and I'm vacuuming for the third time because the baby really shouldn't eat it as she crawls around the house.

We watch Christmas movies and invite neighbor kids over in their pajamas to join us.  Peter claps each time we blow out the Advent candles and Jonah insists on making wishes.  Well, alright then.

Nothing can derail Joy when it comes straight from Jesus.  We can bathe right in it in our own imperfect ways and days.

Dinah writes love notes and sticks them to the fridge.  I'm just looking around in amazement.  8 souls in this home and we're all leaning in toward the Light.

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